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Benefits of Offering Free Shipping on Your Woo Commerce Store

Woo Commerce is a WordPress eCommerce plugin that turns your existing WordPress website into a fully-functional online store. It’s one of the most popular eCommerce platforms on the web, powering over 30% of all online stores. For any new or seasoned entrepreneur looking to start an online business without worry about design or coding, it offers an intuitive interface and extensive set of features for even the most demanding retailer. The plugin allows you to create a digital storefront with custom backgrounds, product listings, image galleries, links to social media sites, search bars, and other marketing tools.

Shipping can be one of the most costly aspects of your e-commerce business. For some merchants, it can even account for 50% or more of their total expenses! Thankfully, there are some ways you can keep your costs down without sacrificing the customer experience and increasing the chances that they’ll shop with you again in the future.

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Many Benefits

There are many benefits of this:

  • Reduce Cart Abandonment

Free shipping can help reduce cart abandonment. When customers see that they have to pay for the freight, they may be less likely to complete their purchase. But if it is free, they’re more likely to follow through. Also, it’s a great way to offer your store an edge over competitors. Shopify’s research found that 54% of shoppers expect it when purchasing online.

  • Increase Average Order Value

Another benefit is that you’ll increase your average order value. The importance of increasing average order value is not only from making money but also from reducing operating costs. You can accomplish both at the same time by offering free sailing! A study done by Forrester Research revealed that 40% of consumers say they would buy additional items in this case. Offering this has been shown to make consumers think in terms of total cost rather than the incremental cost per item, which means a customer will often end up buying something extra in addition to what he or she initially wanted—and all without adding any extra expense to you!

  • Generate Good Sales

One of the main reasons why people love using Amazon Prime is because of the loose two-day shipping. Customers know that anything they buy, regardless of how small or large it is, will arrive within two days. We know from data gathered by Ipsos Connect that 55% of Americans have used Amazon Prime in the past year (Ipsos Connect), so wooing these customers over to your site could give you a competitive advantage! These numbers show how important it is in order to generate more sales; after all, we live in a world where convenience is king!

If you have a woocommerce free shipping store, it’s imperative that you offer loose freight. It will lead to higher conversion rates, more sales, and better brand loyalty.

There are many benefits to offering free shipping on your WooCommerce store. Perhaps the most obvious benefit is that it can encourage customers to purchase more from your store. Additionally, it can help build customer loyalty and improve customer satisfaction. In addition, you can stand out from the competition and attract new customers. So what are you waiting for? Offer free shipping!

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