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Bella Poarch Husband: What We Know About Her Ex-Husband Tyler?

Bella Poarch Husband: Filipino-American singer and social media star Bella Poarch became famous on TikTok with her lip-sync videos that went viral. Also, her lip-sync video to Millie B’s “M to the B” is the most-liked video on the site.

Tyler Poarch, who used to be in the US Navy, was her husband for almost four years. This is something that many of her fans may not know. The two people got married in 2019, but no one knew about their relationship. In 2022, they asked for a divorce, saying they could no longer live together.

The reasons they got a divorce, how they met, and their current relationship state are all things that this article will talk about. We will also talk about some of the stories and problems that have been made about Bella Poarch’s sexuality and love life.

Who is Bella Poarch’s Husband?

Bella Poarch is currently unmarried, but she was previously married to Tyler Poarch. In 2019, they got married. In 2022, a social media star asked the Los Angeles County Court for a divorce after being married for four years.

She wrote a statement about what happened and announced on Instagram that she was going to take a long break from social media. When Bella started her post, she felt bad.

“I’m sorry if everyone thinks I’ve been keeping it a secret, I will address my divorce when I am ready to speak about it.”

Before she told her 92 million fans that her staff would be taking care of her social media accounts, the “Build a Bitch” singer asked them to please respect my and Tyler’s privacy. In addition, she said that they would have to make posts every so often to meet certain responsibilities.

You can read what she said in the post below:

Bella Poarch Husband:
Source: Instagram

“Irreconcilable differences” were given as the reason for the divorce by Denarie Poarch. They allegedly did not have any children together, so the singer does not want either of them to pay spousal support. She will still use Tyler’s last name, though.

After being apart for a year, Bella Poarch talks about her ex-husband Tyler Poarch from the time they met until they chose to split up.

Bella Poarch Talks about Her Ex-Husband and Says…

People were shocked when Bella Poarch announced her split a year ago. Now she has talked about her ex-husband. In an interview on “Call Her Daddy,” the social media star shed a few tears as she talked about her seven-year relationship.

She said that they met for the first time when they were both 19 years old and working for the US Navy. Even though they were in the same unit, Bella worked with weapons and her ex-boyfriend with parachute systems. What she said:

“Both of us were very shy.” It was love at first sight when we saw each other. We both kept quiet because we were shy.

Bella Poarch Husband:

After that, they started going to the gym together. Bella told him that she had to introduce herself first since he was not going to do it. Bella went on:

I can say that he helped me get through a lot of hard times. We shared many firsts.

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Who is Bella Poarch Dating Now?

At the moment, Bella Poarch is not dating anyone. She said this was true in July 2021. She was married to Tyler Poarch, who used to be in the US Navy, but they split up in 2022. A rapper named Tyga was said to have dated her, but she rejected it in a TikTok video.

Filipino-American singer and social media star Bella Poarch became famous on TikTok with her lip-sync videos that went viral.


Filipino-American singer and social media star Bella Poarch, known for her viral TikTok lip-sync videos, recently announced her divorce from Tyler Poarch in 2022. The couple, who were married for nearly four years, met at 19 and worked in the US Navy.

Poarch has taken a long break from social media and has not been dating anyone since July 2021. The reason for their divorce was reportedly “irreconcilable differences” and they did not have any children together. Poarch has also denied any romantic interest in rapper Tyga.

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