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When Will the Belfast Midwives Episode 5 Be Air?

Belfast Midwives Episode 5 Release Date: The release date of Episode 5 of Belfast Midwives has been set. Let’s say you’ve heard great things about the show but have never seen an episode.

If so, you’ve come to the right place, as I’ve included all the information a viewer could want before tuning in to the latest episodes. The premiere date and where to watch Episode 5 of Belfast Midwives will be announced.

Produced in a documentary style, the drama follows the nurses at Belfast’s Royal Jubilee Pregnancy Service. Midwives Naomi, Deirbhile, and Aimee are there to help out as three couples prepare to become parents for the first time.

The planned six one-hour episodes of Belfast Midwives will give viewers an inside look at the acclaimed maternity ward. Production had begun in June of the previous year and continued through the summer months with a target completion date of September.

What is the Basis of Belfast Midwives?

Developed by Lion TV exclusively for a major network, Belfast Midwives will consist of six episodes, each of which will run for 60 minutes, as stated by showrunner Julia Shannon. The show will chronicle the first year of work for newly licenced midwives at the RJMS Maternity Home.

Other members of the delivery staff, midwives, and occasionally connected staff will be featured in our upcoming shoots. We will focus on the midwife’s role during clinic visits, labour, and delivery.

We occasionally show sequences of some key staff and possibly family members outside of the hospital setting to give viewers a fuller picture of Belfast and everyday life there. Our top directors and producers have all had extensive experience in the medical field, which was a major factor in their hiring.

So that we don’t disrespect the workers and their families, our film crews will be small and quiet. Rest assured that we only film with people who are comfortable in front of the camera and have gone through our verification procedures. We can’t wait to film at the RJMS to capture the incredible care given by this award-winning neonatal unit.

Belfast Midwives Plot

The first episode was an adrenaline blast. The efforts of the Royal Jubilee Pregnancy Service in Northern Ireland. Midwife Deirrhile assists mother Sindhura and her husband Harish as they relocate from India and welcome their first child.

This time, though, Harish would be able to witness the birth of his child for the first time. Nikita and James, who had a miscarriage at 24 weeks, had an emergency C-section. James is susceptible to fainting, which exacerbates the situation. Will he survive cutting the umbilical cord following the birth?

Episode 2 was equally captivating, and its plot summary is as follows: Natalie goes into lengthy labour with her second child, which was conceived through in vitro fertilisation (IVF), despite the fact that she and her partner Eddie suffer throughout the day and evening shifts of Suzanne and Janet.

Belfast Midwives Episode 5 Release Date

Azza needs to be induced, but an unanticipated change in the mother’s and baby’s condition necessitates an emergency C-section while Azza’s husband Adam is overseas working in Cork. Alex, the midwife, assists Stacey during her labour.

The episode 3 synopsis is as follows. Scott and Angela have just recently become a couple, yet they are already expecting a kid. Farmers Colin and Louise are identical twins. However, Louise’s pregnancy is not proceeding as anticipated.

In the fourth episode of the show, Fatima displays pre-eclamptic signs. The panel determined that she must be induced. And the water birth that Louise and Darragh, first-time parents, had hoped for does not occur.

Belfast Midwives Episode 5 Release Date

The fifth season of Belfast Midwives aired on January 31, 2023. The next instalment of Belfast Midwives is air on Channel 4 at 10 p.m.

  • At 3 am GMT (February 1)
  • 8.30 am IST (February 1)
  • 2 pm AEDT (February 1)
  • 9 pm CST (February 1)

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Where to Watch?

At the aforementioned time, you can watch the fifth episode of “Belfast Midwives” on the Channel 4 app. However, a Virtual Private Network (VPN) is required to use the programme from anywhere but the United Kingdom.

In order to watch Episode 5 of Belfast Midwives as soon as it airs in other regions, fans must compare their local time with the one given above.

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United Kingdom midwives:

“I delivered my first child at the Mater Hospital in June, and the midwives could not have been better. They were incredibly helpful and made the trip the best it could have been.

Even after giving delivery, I was able to receive my own room, which was fantastic and greatly lessened my stress. Even the hospital cuisine was decent! My only concern was that it was quite hot and none of the windows opened.”

Is it Worth Watching?

Yes, it is beneficial to view Belfast Midwives. We are pleased to share with audiences some of the most touching tales of new beginnings while also exposing the challenges of this demanding but worthwhile profession.

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