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Be on the Lookout for These Five Money-related Scams on Craigslist, Appleton!

Craigslist is a famous internet platform where many individuals offer various products for sale or trade. It’s also often used to advertise homes for sale or rent, as well as job openings.

There are many satisfied consumers who make successful agreements that they are pleased with, but there are those who are not honest, as with any good thing. Scammers are appearing on the site and have already taken thousands of dollars from unsuspecting victims of phoney advertisements. When interacting with somebody you don’t know, you must be cautious. Here are five money-laundering scams to avoid on Craigslist Appleton.

1. Craigslist Appleton Rental Scam

A woman from Appleton was taken aback when prospective tenants showed up at her house and disclosed that it had been advertised as a rental property on the website Craigslist. She denied ever placing the advertisement, which requested a price that was significantly lower than the standard going rate in the region. The rent listed in the fake advertisement includes all of the necessary utilities.

There was a photograph of the residence, as well as relevant details, such as the address of the property. The imposter landlord requested that a deposit on the property in the amount of $500 be delivered to him by Western Union. Con artists like this are wanting the money as well as the personal information of their victims, who are asked to fill out a rental application in advance. They say that once the money is received, they would send a set of keys in the mail.

Craigslist Appleton

2. One Girl Painting Craigslist Scam

There have been seven complaints filed against the One Girl Painting Company in Appleton, Wisconsin. The advertisement provides details on painting services that are available for hire from a local contractor. People have stated that they replied to the advertisement and paid the money in advance for painting jobs to be completed on their homes. Several people have mentioned that they did this.

The individual who was supposed to conduct the work would answer the phone and provide excuses for not coming at the appointed times. After that, the con artist stopped responding to any messages or calls that were sent to them. The victims who trusted the woman lost the money that they had fronted her for paint and services, and they also lost the money that they had paid in advance for those services.

3. Nanny Scam in Appleton

A con artist by the name of Michael Kelly is operating a nanny scam in order to get people into his scheme. Unsuspecting ladies are given the instruction to buy brand new toys and other materials that will be necessary for them to care for their new charges, and they are also given a fraudulent check, which is cashed by the banks.

They go out and buy the items that the con artist has requested, and then they send them in the mail to him or her within the allotted amount of time. They quickly find out that the check was forged, and they are compelled to pay back the money or face the possibility of being charged with a criminal offence. They never receive another communication from the con artist, and they are left with nothing more than the money that they paid on the purported nanny supplies.

4. Fishing Lure Scam

A man from Wisconsin defrauded investors by leading them to believe that they would become wealthy if they invested their money in a fishing lure company. The scam artist told his victims that Screamline Lures was anticipated to bring in $100,000 per month in sales, and he even posted images of the manufacturing facilities on his website for everyone to see.

As it came out, Andrew Reyent had stolen more than $350,000 in investment money from people on Craigslist and other sites who had been deceived by his investment pitch. These individuals had invested their money in his company. When investors observed that there were no results, they questioned him regarding the matter. He would come up with excuses in order to keep them at away, but in the end, they were able to figure him out.

5. Fraudulent Auto Seller Network

A man who had placed an ad on Craigslist offering the sale of his 2007 Ford Mustang received a response to his ad in which the potential buyer inquired about the availability of the vehicle.

Craigslist Appleton

The individual presented himself as going by the name of Kevin Dodge and stated that he worked as a Rep for the Auto Seller network, which was believed to be an affiliate of Walmart. He added that he worked there as a Rep for the Auto Seller network. He then proceeded to ask the seller a series of questions about the vehicle, after which he informed the seller that their organization could sell the vehicle in around two weeks, and the only thing the seller would be required to do is put down a deposit of $499.99.

They would refinance the vehicle, and in the event that the vehicle was unable to be sold, he would receive $400 of the money back, while they would keep the remaining money as insurance. The man said that he may continue to have the vehicle in his possession until it was sold and the new owner sent him a check for the purchase price. They stated that he would release the car once the funds had been deposited into his bank account.

He decided to take advantage of the offer and paid with his credit card. The firm pocketed both the $400 and the additional $99.99. They had assured him that they would send him an email that contained a confirmation number, but they never followed through on their promise. However hard he tried, he was unable to get the charges dropped against him.

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