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Barry Zito Net Worth: How Much Money Does Barry Make?

American pitcher Barry William Zito played professionally in baseball. He spent 15 seasons with the Oakland Athletics and San Francisco Giants in Major League Baseball (MLB). His throwing arsenal included a cutter-slider, a circle changeup, a two-seam fastball, a four-seam fastball, and a curveball (his strikeout pitch).

Zito studied at the University of Southern California, Los Angeles Pierce College, and the University of California, Santa Barbara. While still in college, Zito was selected three times in the MLB draught, and the Athletics selected him in the first round in 1999.

Early Life

Barry William Zito was born to Joe and Roberta Zito on May 13, 1978, in Las Vegas, Nevada. Carlyn Rosser was Roberta’s sister. Roberta’s maiden name was Rosser. Carlyn married actor Patrick Duffy in 1974. She was already a professional dancer. They stayed together until 2017 when she died. So, Barry Zito’s uncle is Patrick Duffy.

He went to San Diego’s Grossmont High School and then switched to the University of San Diego High School, where he became the best baseball player in the league. Then he went to UC Santa Barbara, where he was named Freshman All America. After that, he moved on to Los Angeles Pierce College, where he was named to the all-state and all-conference teams.

How Much Does Barry Zito Make and What is His Net Worth?

According to Celebrity Net Worth, Barry Zito is an American who used to play baseball professionally and whose net worth is $60 million. Barry Zito is best known for playing baseball for the Oakland Athletics and the San Francisco Giants.

Barry Zito Net Worth

Zito was picked by the Seattle Mariners in the 59th round of the 1996 Major League Baseball (MLB) draught and by the Texas Rangers in the third round of the 1998 MLB draught, but he did not sign with either team. In the 1999 draught, the Oakland Athletics picked him with the ninth pick of the first round and gave him a $1.59 million signing bonus.

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Zito’s first game in the big leagues was July 22, 2000, against the Anaheim Angels. He wore number 53. In five innings, he only gave up one run, which was enough to win.  On his next start, Zito went seven innings and let the Boston Red Sox score three runs. Zito became one of the best baseball pitchers in 2002. Zito won his 10th game of the season on June 22.

It was the earliest that an A’s pitcher had won 10 games since June 15, 1990, when Bob Welch did it. In 2003, Zito got off to a good start by beating the Mariners. He pitched for 6 innings and gave up one earned run, which Olerud drove in with a single in the first inning.  In 2004, Zito had a hard time, and at the time, he had the worst numbers of his career.

In April, Zito went 2–3 and had a 6.83 earned run average (ERA). Zito’s 2012 season began on April 9 with a start against the Rockies. During spring training, he had a lot of trouble with his new crouched delivery, which he used for the first time. Zito signed a minor league contract with the Athletics on February 16, 2015, after taking a year off from baseball.

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  • 1999: Pitcher of the Year in the Pac-10
  • 1999: College First-Team All-American
  • 1999: Conference Pac-10 Triple-A All-Star Game 2000 All-Star
  • 2002 – Baseball America Major League’s First Team All-Star
  • 2002 – Cy Young Award (AL)
  • 2002: AL Pitcher of the Year according to Sporting News
  • 2002 – All-Star (AL)
  • 2003 – All-Star (AL)
  • 2006 – All-Star (AL)
  • 2012-ML Hutch Award
  • 2012 – ML Lou Gehrig Memorial Award.


After his $9.3 million, four-year deal with the Oakland Athletics was up, Zito signed a $7 million, seven-year deal with the San Francisco Giants in 2007. The contract was worth $126 million, and it had an option worth $18 million for 2014 and a buyout of $7 million. Barry Zito went back to the Oakland Athletics in 2015 on a one-year, $1 million deal because the Giants did not pick up the option.

Personal Life

Our records show that Barry Zito got married to Amber Seyer. Barry Zito was called Planet Zito and Captain Quirk because he had a weird sense of humor and did yoga and meditation before every game. Barry also started a charity called Strikeouts for Troops to help hospitals that treat soldiers who are hurt during military operations.

Barry Zito Net Worth

He gave $400 to the charity every time he threw a strikeout. His father, Joe Zito, was a composer. He wrote music for recording star Nat King Cole and also arranged music for him. Roberta, his mother, sang with Nat King Cole and played in his band, the Merry Young Souls.

In one episode of the CBS television show Jag, Barry Zito played a U.S. petty Naval Officer.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where Does Barry Zito Live Now?

Zito is now studying music production and audio engineering in Nashville, where he lives with his wife Amber and their two children.

Why is Barry Zito Famous?

Zito’s record in the major leagues was 165-143, and he started 421 of the 433 games he played. In 2,576 2/3 innings, he pitched, and his ERA was 4.04 (ERA+ 105). He had a WHIP of 1.337 and struck out 1,885 batters. He was an All-Star three times (2002, 2003, 2006).

Is Barry Zito Related to Patrick Duffy?

Patrick Duffy, who acts, is his uncle. Patrick is married to the sister of Barry’s mom. Won the Cy Young Award in 2002 with a record of 23-5 and an earned run average of 2.75.

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