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To Generate Money For the Kiyv Hospital and War Refugees, Banksy Prints and NFTs Were Used!

Only bids over £40,000 are being accepted in an auction of a rare piece by Bristol-based street artist Banksy to raise money for children in Ukraine.

On the website, the 2005 piece CND Troops, which depicts two soldiers graffitiing the Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament’s insignia on a wall, is being auctioned by “silent auction.”

An anonymous donor put the piece up for sale on Friday, with a starting price of £20,000, and all proceeds would go to the Ohmatdyt Children’s

Mr. Al Abd, a political science and international relations student at the University of Bristol, said he was frequently asked by immigration officials why he hadn’t stayed to fight or how a refugee got into university.

Measures making it a criminal offence to deliberately enter the UK illegally are among the most contentious sections of the Nationality and Borders Bill.

It also aims to impose life terms for anyone who help illegal immigrants enter the nation.

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After peers rejected a number of features earlier this month, the bill is expected to start a long period of “ping pong” between the House of Commons and the House of Lords.

How Banksy Raise Fund For Hospitals And Refuge?

  • OUkrainian refugees will benefit from the sale of digital artefacts chronicling the country’s invasion.
  • The paintings will be auctioned as NFTs, with all proceeds going to a Ukrainian government-run cryptocurrency account.
  • A non-financial instrument (NFT) is being sold to raise funds for Ukraine.

Art for the Ukrainian Refuge

The sale is being organised by Eric Pelletier, CEO of the World Art Bank, who described it as “a digital answer to the age-old challenge of threatening a country and aiding its refugees.”

He described the programme as a “great opportunity for art enthusiasts to contribute direct financial help to the Ukrainian people through the purchase of art.”

Last month, the struggling Ukrainian government began collecting bitcoin and other digital currencies as donations.M HOW BANKSY RAISE CASH FOR HOSPITAL AND WAR REFUGE]

What Is NFTs?

A digital artwork inspired by Banksy is being auctioned, with a portion of the earnings going to charity. ‘Warning Sign,’ a work by the artist from 2006, has been recreated as a non-fungible token (NFT) – a one-of-a-kind digital certificate. In addition, the holder will own a 5% equity stake in the original item.

Banksy and NFT

NFT To Sell Auction

Former Christie’s post-war and contemporary art chairman Loc Gouzer co-founded Particle, a platform for nonfungible tokens bridging fine art and technology, which revealed this week that Banksy’s Love is in the Air will be the first work it will digitally divide and sell at auction.

“Banksy has flipped the art world upside down. In a statement, Gouzer stated, “His bravery, humanitarian spirit, and strong belief that art should be for everyone reflects the aim at Particle, making this work symbolic to start the platform with.”

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In May, Particle paid US$12.9 million for a painting depicting a protester preparing to throw a bouquet at a Sotheby’s auction. “The Flower Thrower,” as the title suggests, is a character who throThe piece, dubbed “The Flower Thrower,” will be split into 10,000 particles using a 100-by-100 grid and auctioned as NFTs to bidders.

Particle CEO Harold Eytan said in an email that each particle will cost around $1,500 and that bidders can “absolutely” buy more than one. Interested purchasers can apply starting December 13 and join the waitlist before the major sale, which will take place the week of January 10-14.

Buyers have no control over how their particles are distributed; they are assigned at random. They will, however, receive grid coordinates for their purchase as well as a card proving ownership.

“Once you possess a Particle, you can do whatever you want with it,” Eytan argues, adding that if that includes selling it, “they can do whatever they want.”ws flowers.

According To R.A. Farrokhnia

Particle’s Love Is in the Air auction, according to R. A. Farrokhnia, Columbia Business School professor and executive director of the Columbia Fintech Initiative, “is a natural extension of the theory of distributed ownership that we have been formulating and technologies we have been building for the past five to ten years.” Now we’ll see how the real market works and how the participants react.”

“Group ownership” means community and shared values, according to Eytan. He describes it as “a new collective experience that redefines how people consume beautiful art.” “There’s this idea that owning art makes it more enjoyable. It’s not so much that it makes luxury accessible to everyone, but it does allow a larger group to express themselves via collecting.

During Miami Art Week, Love is in the Air will be on display at the Institute of Contemporary Art, Miami, on December 3 for “First Fridays.” Following the sale, the nonprofit Particle Foundation will receive the actual artwork as well as 1% of the particles to serve as “a protective barrier and ensuring no single person can anticipate claiming custody of the physical painting,” according to a press statement. The foundation will also receive a portion of the royalties that go toward that guarantee.

“The physical work of art will never be sold by the foundation,” Eytan says. “The goal of this initiative is to create the world’s largest collection, which will be held digitally by the community and physically conserved by the foundation.”

Art Dairy 2021 And NFTs And Auction

In the year 2021, the visual arts business experienced quite a few eventful lows and highs, from all the hype about non-fungible tokens (NFTs) to record-breaking auctions in a globe still reeling from the pandemic. Those in the art world are now looking forward to surviving in the new normal, as they continue their efforts to ace in a hybrid format, and here we give you a taste of everything that made 2021 the year that it was.

Banksy and NFTs

Record Maker Record Braker Record Maker Record Braker Record Braker

  • Untitled (1961) by VS Gaitonde became the most valuable work of Indian art ever sold at auction.
  • Untitled (1961) by VS Gaitonde became the most valuable work of Indian art ever sold at auction.

In Russian City KIYV

Ukrainian military were said to be fighting back today, the latest hint that Russia’s attempt to take over their country has stagnated despite its rising brutality.

The counter-attack was conducted near Kyiv, according to Interior Ministry adviser Vadym Denysenko, in an attempt to push back Kremlin soldiers stationed outside.

He told Ukraine’s state radio Suspilne, “The night was pretty difficult, but we can claim that the Ukrainian army counter-attacked near Kyiv.”

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“We set up five tanks in a row. Artillery skirmishes were heard in Kyiv’s western suburbs early in the morning. There are battles now.”

It also claimed that “the Russian offensive’s speed has slowed” and that “the number of cases of desertion and looting has increased dramatically.”

“Ukraine’s defence forces are repelling and keeping back the Russian military forces’ offensive in all directions,” according to a prior bulletin provided only six hours earlier.

The optimistic evaluation came as the UK Ministry of Defence reported a “notable drop” in Russian air activity over Ukraine in recent days, providing similar grounds for Ukrainian optimism.

“As deaths rise, President Putin will be compelled to draw from across the Russian armed forces and other sources,” it stated, adding that the massive Russian convoy north of Kyiv was also “suffering continuing losses at the hands of the Ukrainian Armed Forces.”

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