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Bangladeshi Doctors Claim to have Found the cure for COVID-19

As the novel coronavirus continues to spread across the globe, the whole medical fraternity from all over the world is racing against time to develop a vaccine or a drug that can control the havoc being caused by the recent pandemic. From HCQ to rediscover, every potential drug is being tested in hope of that wonder cure that will end the terror that COVID-19 has become.

The pandemic has already claimed more than 3 lakh lives across the globe and infected 4.7 million people. Moreover, it has affected the world economy in the worst possible way as almost the whole world is under lockdown measures.

Amidst all this chaos and despair there has been a ray of hope from a small country in the Asian continent that is Bangladesh. A Bangladeshi team led by a senior doctor exclaimed that they have found ground-breaking results in the treatment of severely ill COVID-19 patients with a combination of effective drugs.

The wonder drugs

As per a report, the two drugs that have been used in combination for the treatment of COVID-19 are ivermectin, which is an anti-protozoal medicine, and doxycycline which is an anti-biotic. The Bangladeshi doctors explained that the combination of these two drugs gave great results in patients with acute symptoms of the coronavirus disease. Both the drugs were given to 60 patients admitted with respiratory problems who later tested positive for COVID-19.


Ivermectin is an anti-parasitic drug commonly used to cure roundworm infections, and belonging to a class of drugs known as anthelmintic. Side effects associated with the drug may include a loss of energy, vomiting, abdominal pains, nausea, a loss of appetite and tiredness among other relatively mild conditions.


Doxycycline is an antibiotic used to treat a wide range of bacterial infections. As a tetracycline, the drug is often used to treat the flu and the common cold, as well as in the prevention of malaria. Commonly found side effects may include vomiting, nausea, a loss of appetite, skin rashes and itching, vaginal itching or discharge, and mild diarrhea. also, it is not given to pregnant women.

The doctors further stated that all the 60 patients recovered with the combination of both the drugs in a time frame of four days, and that too without any major side effects which are great news

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