Asur Season 2 Release Date is Confirmed Now

The psychological thriller with a unique title ‘ASUR”, a sizzling title in itself started streaming on Voot Select from 2nd March directed by Oni Sen. This 8 episodes web series is packed with intense drama, suspense, mythology, good, evil, and mystery. The plot revolves around a serial killer who is influenced by his rigid religious beliefs and is unstable and troubled as he was mistreated by his father and carries ugly childhood memories.

The Asur Plot

The focal character is played by Dhananjay Rajput(Arshad Warsi) who is cast as a forensic expert and is given the responsibility of catching the serial killer who is on a killing spree. Even Arshad gets trapped in the murderer’s plan and is sent to jail. The case is then handled by Nikhil Nair(Barun Sobti) a young cop, who is abducted by the murderer. The crux of the story is to find the murderer who outsmarts everyone on every occasion and continues his gruesome killings.

Expecting more thrill and mystics

A nail-biting crime thriller that brings out a stark comparison between the worlds of modern science through forensic and the mysticism of Indian mythology. A full dose of entertainment, surprises, tensions, and tragedies are put together in every episode and it’s a tough choice for the viewers to get up in between.

Spellbound characters and acting

The pivotal serious role played by Arshad Warsi who is famous for his comic roles has outstretched himself and has exceptionally well-played this serious role who has done full justice to this meaty character. This transition of Arshad Warsi was well estimated and used by the director and his fans are eagerly waiting to see some more of this serious side of him in the next season.

We are all craving to watch Asur2 as we all binged and enjoyed watching season1 during the lockdown, which ended with an impending note that the killings are not over and the murderer Shubh, who everyone assumes is dead is still alive and is an important member of the investigating CBI team. The unpredictable climax of season one has left its mark on the audience who knows that the second season of Asur will be no less than the benchmark created in the 1st season.