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Ariana Grande Demonstrates Her Superiority With a Perfect Jennifer Coolidge Impression

Ahead of the Halloween holiday, the star of Wicked tweeted videos of herself and her former co-star on Victorious, Elizabeth Gillies, recreating sequences from the film Best in Show, which was released in the year 2000 and starred Jennifer Coolidge and Eugene Levy.

Ariana has nailed Jennifer’s well-known voice and even has Jennifer’s signature curled hairstyle. She also has Jennifer’s signature purple makeup glam.

You’ll want to browse through the Instagram gallery to view the moments. She captioned the photo that she published on Instagram on October 28 with the following: “Happy Halloween. We did this in May.”

And we aren’t the only ones who thought the impersonation was good; Katy Perry asked whether this may be considered for a nomination.

Even the actress who played Elle Woods in Legally Blonde had something to say about it: “This is f***ing fantastic,” Jennifer remarked. “I was going to go as the young boy’s pet weasel from ‘The Watcher,’ but now I believe I’m going to go as @arianagrande’s dog Toulouse instead.” “I was going to go as the young boy’s pet weasel from ‘The Watcher,’ but now I think I’m going to

Ariana has done an impression of the actress in the past, so this is not the first time she has done so. In point of fact, Jennifer attributes Jennifer’s recent career resurgence to the singer’s imitation on The Tonight Show in 2018.

Jennifer shared with Jimmy Fallon in January that “you should know that that was sort of the beginning of a lot of amazing things that happened for me,” and she made this statement at the time. “I was going through a dry spell when not much was happening, and then Ariana did this imitation on your programme, and you supported her, and then this ball starting rolling,” he said. “I was going through a dead zone.”

Jennifer revealed that she chose to send a direct message (DM) to Ariana after a friend of hers suggested that she do so. Jennifer admitted that she first had her doubts about whether or not she would receive a response from Ariana.

Jennifer shared her thoughts on the matter: “I was like, ‘No! She’s got 260 million followers! Those are robots. The robots respond the DMs.'” “I did it anyhow, and then this response came back, and then the next thing you know, I was like going to her house getting a wardrobe fitting for ‘thank u, next.'” “I did it anyway, and then this response came back,”

She went on to reprise her part as Elle Woods from Legally Blonde in the 2018 music video opposite Ariana’s interpretation of Reese Witherspoon’s character Elle Woods.

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