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Are Paige and Finn Still Together? “Love Island” Couple Updates!

Are Paige and Finn Still Together? Callum and Molly met during the sixth season of Love Island, and fans want to know if they are still together. Continue reading to find out if Callum and Molly are still together and to learn more about them.

Who are Paige and Finn?

Molly Smith, a 25-year-old model from Manchester, appeared on the sixth season of Love Island. After meeting in Cape Town, South Africa during Season 6, Callum and Molly continue to be infatuated with one another. “What a night!” the narrator exclaims. In September 2021, he described a snapshot of them on Instagram as “me and mine.”

Callum was originally matched with Shaughna Phillips in the inaugural Winter Love Island villa, but Molly Smith won his heart in Casa Amor. He declared to MailOnline, “Molly and I are pretty powerful.” “It’s all OK between us; there are no disagreements. I am confident that Molly and I can go the distance. There was a rumour that we had a fight with, but I have no idea where that rumour originated. This is not correct. Currently, I am at Molly’s residence.”

Are Paige and Finn Still Together?

This couple has demonstrated that a difficult beginning does not necessarily portend a relationship’s demise. Callum Jones and Molly Smith met in a dramatic episode of the sixth season of Casa Amor in 2022, compelling Callum to dump Shaughna Phillips upon his return to the main villa.

Are Paige and Finn Still Together

However, they celebrated their second anniversary in April 2022 and frequently share Instagram photographs full of affection.

Has Paige and Finn Broken Up?

“After two and a half years together, our relationship is still going strong.

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Finn And Paige’s Journey in Love Island

After meeting early in the villa, the couple grew close and won the finale of Love Island’s winter season. Now the couple resides with Paige’s parents in Scotland, and then a few months later, they moved in together in Manchester. The couple has various future plans to marry and start a huge brood.

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Finn And Paige’s Relationship Status

Finn and Paige have been in a relationship since Day 6 when Finn first appeared on the show. Paige was at first paired with Ollie. However, he departed the program after three days. The £50,000 prize fund was presented to the winning duo. To avoid separation during the lockdown, they have subsequently remained together and moved in together.

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