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Are Matt and Caryn Still Together?

Everyone who has watched “Little People, Big World” on TLC is aware of the drama surrounding the relationship between Matt and Caryn. The relationship between the couple and Matt’s ex-wife Amy is extremely hot and cold.

The most recent season has examined the relationships between celebrities, their significant others, and their children. While Amy became engaged to her long-term boyfriend Chris, fans wonder if Matt and Caryn will also marry.

Matt and Caryn: Little People Big World Journey

When Matt and Amy ended their nearly thirty-year marriage in 2016, fans speculated that there was another person involved. Many believe that Matt cheated on Amy with Caryn, despite the fact that neither party disclosed the affair in their explanations. Matt’s autobiography implies that commitment was never a top priority for him.

Amy had similar suspicions about Matt and Caryn’s close relationship. Matt and Caryn have never admitted that their relationship began prior to the divorce, but there are reasons to believe it did.

Caryn, a mother of two from Arizona, began working on the pumpkin farm owned by Matt’s family. She worked her way up to become the farm manager over the course of a nearly decade-long professional relationship. The family viewed her as a crucial component to the operation of their business.

Matt made his romantic relationship with Caryn public and official in 2017. This did not go over well with his children because they were unprepared. Even though his children had a difficult time adjusting to his new relationship, they eventually accepted Caryn as a member of the family. Additionally, Caryn’s son and daughter have a close relationship with Matt and his family.

They are frequently spotted at the farm during their free time. Caryn remains involved and helps Matt watch his grandchildren.

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Sadly, Amy was never able to accept their relationship. She could never agree with Caryn, and their relationship remains strained. When Caryn went to congratulate Amy on her engagement, Amy taunted her by saying she would not be invited to the wedding.

Caryn has also expressed reluctance to attend Amy’s family functions. She even pouted when Matt said Amy and Chris would have to be invited to their wedding.

are matt and caryn still together

Caryn has dealt with numerous problems in addition to her dislike of spending time with Amy. On social media, she has frequently been accused of being a gold digger.

Some Amy supporters and followers believe Caryn is only interested in Matt’s financial situation. However, as a protective boyfriend, Matt always shuts down such remarks. He had even cautioned Amy that if she did not accept Caryn, he would sell the farm and move away.

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Caryn has been included in all of the lover boy’s new business ventures, including house flipping. They even moved in together in Caryn’s parents’ comfortable Arizona home.

Are Matt and Caryn Still Together?

Yes. The relationship between the couple remains strong. Previously, rumors of their engagement circulated, followed by rumors of their breakup. Matt shut them down through his social media posts.

Matt assured his fans that he remains with Caryn, but they are not engaged.

He admitted that he wasn’t in a rush to pop the question, as they are both taking things slowly and appreciating their time together. He was also concerned about not stealing the spotlight from Amy and Chris’s engagement.

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