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Are Kory and Sam Still Dating? A Love Story or a Breakup Drama

Are Kory and Sam Still Dating? Kory Keefer, who was in Winter House season 3, met Sam Feher during Summer House season 7. The two quickly became interested in each other. Craig Conover, who plays Craig on Southern Charm, and his girlfriend Paige DeSorbo joined the group of Summer House in the most recent season.

Kroy is his close friend. Last season, Sam joined the show as well, coming into the house as a friend of the group. Sam was from New Jersey and was known as a party animal. He challenged Kory, who thought he was the life of the party, to a fight.

People who watched Summer House season 7 got to see Kory and Sam’s bond grow. The couple became close through their shared friends and time at the beach. They were a nice break from the season’s other drama, though they did sometimes make trouble on their own.

During the season, they didn’t say much about their relationship, but it was clear that they liked each other. During Summer House season 7, they quickly fell in love. Now that it’s Winter House season 3, many people are asking how their relationship is going and if they’re still together.

Are Kory and Sam Still Dating?

Kory and Sam are often seen on each other’s Instagram profiles, but their relationship hasn’t been made public yet. From their posts, it’s clear that they’re still together, and maybe things are even better between them now than they were before.

Are Kory and Sam Still Dating?

Even though Kory seems to call Sam his “situations” in Winter House season 3, he’s still on her feed and she’s on his, which means they’re both living their lives. It’s possible that Winter House will help us understand what their relationship is like better.

Sam Appears in Winter House Season 3

Many people were curious about why Sam wasn’t mentioned in the cast of Winter House season 3, but based on the trailer for the next season, it looks like Sam will be on the show.

The episode doesn’t give much of a background, but it looks like the couple will be figuring out their relationship in Winter House season 3. There’s a chance they won’t agree on where they stand, but it looks like they’ll talk about how they clearly feel about each other.

Kory Flirts With Malia White On Winter House

Sam will be in Winter House season 3, but Kory may be a bit of a rival for her. Malia White is best known for her time on Below Deck: Mediterranean, but she and Kory will also be on Winter House.

Are Kory and Sam Still Dating?

It looks like Kory and Malia are going to flirt with each other in the house. In the video for Winter House season 3, it looks like they’re about to kiss. Will Kory put what he has with Sam at risk? You will only get the answer in time.



Kory Keefer and Sam Feher, who met during Summer House season 7, have a strong bond and are still dating. They are seen on Instagram, and their relationship has not been made public yet.

Sam will appear in Winter House season 3, and Kory may be a rival for her. Malia White, best known for her time on Below Deck: Mediterranean, and Kory may flirt with her in the house.

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