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Are Jake and Liberty Still Together? “Love Island” Couple Updates!

Are Jake and Liberty Still Together

Are Jake and Liberty Still Together? The concept of “Love Island” is nothing new: a group of eligible bachelors and bachelorettes are isolated on a remote island or villa in the hopes of finding love. Jake Cornish and Liberty Poole met during the show’s seventh season.

They were the only pair on the show to remain together from the very beginning to the end. Let’s dive a little further and see if they are still together now that the cameras have been turned away from their lives.

Who are Jake and Liberty?

Jake Cornish, a 24-year-old water engineer from Weston-Super-Mare, and Liberty Poole, a 21-year-old waitress and marketing student from Birmingham, were two of 10 original candidates on the June premiere of Love Island UK season 7.

They paired up during the initial coupling and remained together until day 54 when they decided to leave the competition in the final five.

Is Liberty Breaking Up With Jake?

When she showed him a snapshot of them together with his eyes closed, Jake quipped that Liberty had given him the “itch” because she was messy and that their relationship was “all about” her. After recognising that Jake is not the one for her, Liberty breaks up with him. Jake and Liberty decide to depart Love Island UK Season 7 after their final date.

“Obviously, we’ve come to the conclusion that it’s best for us to go our separate ways at this time, and we’re leaving the villa,” Liberty stated. “It’s simply that we don’t want to remain here and take up space when it’s clear that you guys are all strong couples, as we once were, but no longer are.”

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Are Jake and Liberty Still Together?

Is it true that Love Island UK’s Jake and Liberty are still a couple after all this time? The short answer is “no,” but there is always hope for reconciliation in the future. Liberty said she “still loves” Jake and thinks she “made the right decision” to part things with him in an appearance on This Morning on August 23, 2021.

“Obviously, I do still adore him,” she remarked. “It is hard being near him. I do think I made the proper decision because you’ve got to put your feelings first.” Jake added, “Enough was enough. My head was in overdrive. That’s how intense it was. We had reached an impasse.”

While Jake acknowledged that their breakup was for the best, he also hinted that he and Liberty could try to pursue a relationship together outside of the villa. From the outside, it looks like it will be much simpler. As of right now, I have no idea… I’d like to think so,” he responded.

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What Did Liberty Say About Jake?

Since their separation, Liberty also confirmed that she and Jake are on excellent terms. “I’m feeling terrific. “I definitely made the proper choice,” stated Liberty. T

here is no hostility there. We get along quite nicely. You can never say never since you cannot predict what may occur in the future. However, we made the proper choice at this time. I still have a love for him. But I wasn’t satisfied.”

What Did Jake Say About Liberty?

Additionally, Jake disclosed that he still has feelings for Liberty. “My feelings for Liberty have not altered,” he remarked. I’ve missed her terribly while we’ve been separated. Liberty added, “Many diverse statements were made.

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I believe the energy was lacking. I felt as though I were walking on eggshells. I sensed that we were not getting along, so I cancelled the event. After the honeymoon period ended, we began to perceive things differently.

Does Liberty Still Love Jake?

While it appeared like Jake and Liberty’s relationship was over forever after the Birmingham babe insisted she would choose self-respect’ above a boy, her ex-boyfriend has revealed that they attempted to work on their relationship again after the show concluded.

Where is Love Island’s Jake Now?

Jake Cornish, the star of Love Island, has disclosed that he has a new career that is unrelated to reality television. The 25-year-old, who abruptly left the ITV programme in 2021 with Liberty Poole, is now the creative director of a rattan furniture company.

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