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Are Drew and Ralph Still Married? 

After nine years of marriage, Drew and her husband Ralph Pittman have filed for a divorce. Find out what’s going on with their breakup.
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Are Drew and Ralph Still Married?

Ralph Pittman recently made the hard choice to file for divorce after being married for almost ten years. Once it seemed like they couldn’t live without each other, but now they are going through the hard process of breaking up.

Once bound together by love and commitment, a family now has to figure out how to separate their lives, including how to divide their assets and who will have care of their children. Son Machai, born in 2015, and daughter Aniya, born in 2018, are two of the most beautiful things they have in common.

But that’s not the end of the story. Josiah, who was born in 2011, is Drew’s other child from a past relationship. This unusual family situation makes a problem that was already hard to handle even harder.

Even though getting a divorce is a hard and stressful process, it’s important to remember that it can also be a chance to grow and change. Drew and Ralph’s trip to the next part of their lives may be hard, but it also gives them the chance to find happiness and fulfillment in their own ways.

As the story goes on, it’s clear that we’ll see how strong and resilient this family is as they go through the rough waters of divorce. Stay tuned for news about the Pittman family and their amazing journey toward healing, self-discovery, and a better future.

Did Drew and Ralph get Divorced?

The dynamic Real Housewives of Atlanta couple split after nearly ten years. Drew Sidora and Ralph Pittman announced their heartbreaking divorce in March 2023.

The couple’s story enthralled fans of the popular reality show from the time Drew Sidora arrived. She became a fan favorite with her contagious energy and tremendous talent, and her husband, Ralph Pittman, supported her throughout.

Cracks appeared in their seemingly ideal marriage behind the flash and glamour of reality TV. The cameras showed their relationship’s ups and downs, making it feel real.

Are Drew and Ralph Still Married? 

Drew and Ralph split up, shocking their followers. Sources close to the couple say they divorced for the best interests of their family, but the reasons are unknown.

This shocking announcement has left Real Housewives fans wondering what caused this sudden breakup. With the dust settled, viewers wonder how this will affect their favorite reality program and the cast’s chemistry.

The heartbreak has left Drew Sidora and Ralph Pittman vowing to prioritize their children’s well-being and preserve a cordial relationship as they navigate this difficult chapter.

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As the Real Housewives of Atlanta continues to captivate viewers with its drama, Drew and Ralph’s absence will leave a hole. Only time will tell how their divorce will affect the show and those involved.

Drew About

Drew Sidora Pittman is an American singer and actress who used to be known as Drew Sidora Jordan. She is well-known because of the parts she has played on TV and in movies. One of her most famous roles was as Chantel in That’s So Raven, a hit show on the Disney Channel. In the 2006 movie Step Up, where she played the role Lucy Avila, she also showed off her acting skills.

Drew is good at more than just playing; she has also shown that she can sing. She got people’s attention when she played Tionne Watkins in the biopic CrazySexyCool: The TLC Story, which aired on VH1. In addition to playing and singing, Drew has been in the comedy-drama TV show The Game, which airs on BET.

Drew Sidora joined the group of The Real Housewives of Atlanta on Bravo in 2020. This gave her job even more depth and gave people a look into her personal life as well as her work life.

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Drew Sidora Pittman keeps doing well in the entertainment business, wowing people with her skill and ability to do many different things. She is a respected and successful artist because of what she has done for TV, movies, and music.

Ralph Pittman About

Ralph Pittman is a very successful person. He is the founder and CEO of My Mind Music, which is a new American company for music enrichment and wellness. Ralph is very passionate about making life better, so he spends a lot of time putting together healing music that makes people feel better all around.

Ralph’s creation of My Mind Music for Kids, an innovative way to help kids sleep better, is one of his most noted accomplishments. Through his knowledge of writing and production, he has come up with a unique and effective way to help kids sleep better and, in the long run, improve their health and well-being as a whole.

Ralph went to Rutgers University and got a degree in Business Economics. In addition to studying business, he also looked into Music Theory, which helped him learn and understand more about how music can change and improve people’s lives.

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Ralph Pittman has a strong love for music and a strong desire to help people. Through My Mind Music, he continues to make a big difference, helping people of all ages and giving them the healing benefits of music.

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