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Are Colt and Vanessa Still in a Relationship?

Are Colt and Vanessa still together after 90 days? Colt and Vanessa are now married following the conclusion of the series. Fans have been wondering if Colt and Vanessa are still together, and the answer is a resounding yes.

Their love was captured in the 90 Days Fiance franchise. The couple’s announcement that they were married in Nevada surprised their admirers. Colt verified the news by sending a picture to his social media account. Therefore, the answer to the question Is Colt and Vanessa still together is affirmative. The pair wed in a secret ceremony and are currently living together happily.

Are Colt and Vanessa Still in a Relationship?

After ninety days, finance colt and Vanessa are now legally married. The pair announced their engagement through Instagram. Colt tweeted a photograph of himself with his arm around his wife Vanessa, as well as a video of the couple kissing.

The photograph showed that Vanessa was wearing a dazzling engagement ring. He had captioned the post, ‘I would like to declare that Vanessa is my wife,’ he stated. He repeated that he had married his best friend, and despite what others may think, I am confident that we will both be happy together.

Are Colt and Vanessa Still Together?

According to appearances, Colt and Vanessa are still together. In addition to resolving their trust difficulties, the pair was apprehensive about dealing with Colt’s mother, Debbie, who had meddled in his previous relationships.

Therefore, on May 23, 2021, Colt stated that he and Vanessa had secretly wed without informing anyone, even Debbie. They exchanged vows during their March 2021 road trip to Reno, Nevada.

are colt and vanessa still together

In October 2021, Colt turned to social media to communicate the devastating news that he and Vanessa had experienced a deeply personal loss. The message stated, “…We recently learned that she was pregnant. This occurred unexpectedly and drastically altered our outlook on life and the future. We began to consider a future with our child.

We were both ecstatic about the prospects and fantasies of sharing a life with them. Sadly, the only update I can provide is that they will no longer be joining us. It makes my heart ache.”

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Colt and Vanessa were tired of Debbie’s domineering influence, prompting Vanessa to leave the house. In the episode of season 2 that aired on January 28, 2022, she admitted this.

However, Vanessa reportedly quit three weeks before that episode was recorded. The news sparked rumors that she desired a divorce from Colt. Nonetheless, Vanessa quickly refuted the reports. In a 2022 Instagram Q&A session, she clarified the situation. Vanessa claimed that she had just left the house and that the concept of ending her relationship with Colt had never occurred to her.

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Colt and Vanessa celebrated their first year of marriage in March 2022 by returning to Reno. In addition, multiple reports and Vanessa’s comments to followers on social media indicate that she is still deeply in love with Colt.

Therefore, despite the ups and downs, it appears that she wants to work on their marriage rather than throw in the towel. We wish Colt and Vanessa the best and hope they enjoy many more years of happiness.


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90-Day Marriage Finances: Colt And Vanessa

In the show, Vanessa and Colt got engaged. Vanessa informed Colt that she wished to wait at least a year before getting married, as she had recently been divorced and wished to observe Colt’s human behavior and true nature in the finals before committing to him.

However, when Vanessa, Colt’s ex-girlfriend, returned, it became an issue that Colt had stated he was not physically attracted to her, and he revealed the big news. The couple then revealed that they had eloped around one month prior.

Colt Kept Their Marriage Private for 90 Days

In the previous 90 days, the colt disclosed that he did not make his marriage a public event. Johnson desired to educate the public. Colt stated that he wanted to create something unique for Vanessa and himself. Debbie, colt, and Vanessa concealed information from her until they began recording.

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