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Are Brooke Monk and Sam Dezz Still Together in 2023? Here’s What We Know

Are Brooke Monk and Sam Dezz Still Together? Internet personalities Brooke Monk and Sam Dezz are sweet to each other. Since they began dating in 2020, the creators have made a lot of YouTube movies and TikToks together.

Over the years, their friendship has been a big hit with their fans. One fan wrote on Twitter, “Brooke Monk and Sam Dezz are such a great couple.” “Living for Sam Dezz and Brooke Monk’s relationship,” wrote someone else.

But does heaven have problems? There are rumors that Sam may have been unfaithful to Brooke. Let’s look into those and see how their love story has gone so far.

In 2020, Brooke and Sam Began to Talk to Each Other

Don’t ever mistake how powerful it can be to slip into the DMs. Brooke, who lived in Colorado at the time, and Sam first talked on social media. Even though they had never met in real life, sparks were flying.

Brooke said on an episode of The Good Boys Podcast that they had been talking for a few months and they both knew they liked each other. In fact, she said that Sam told her he liked her more than a friend on June 28, 2020. But they hadn’t met yet, and they didn’t want to make things official until they did.

In October 2020, Brooke and Sam Will Meet for the First Time in Los Angeles and Start Dating

Brooke posted a movie in December 2020 called “Meeting my boyfriend for the first time.” The vlog, which was thought to have been shot in October 2020, shows Brooke and her dad flying from Denver, Colorado, to Los Angeles, California, to meet Sam.

Are Brooke Monk and Sam Dezz Still Together?

Sam meets her at the airport with flowers, and for the first time ever, they hang out while Brooke’s dad films the whole thing. During this trip, Brooke also looks for an apartment so she can be close to Sam.

Brooke and Sam Made a Fake Breakup Video in July 2021

As Brooke and Sam’s relationship became more public, they started to get an even bigger cult-like following. But in July 2021, they posted a TikTok where they acted like they were breaking up. But it was clear right away that they were just having fun. When fans heard that they were still together, they were happy.

In October of 2021, Brooke and Sam Will Celebrate One Year Together

In October 2021, Brooke and Sam will have been together for a year. On their own Instagram pages, they each wrote a sweet post about how they felt about each other.

In 2023, Rumors Spread That Sam Cheated on Brooke

In May 2023, there were reports going around that Sam had cheated on Brooke. Fans of the couple began talking about this possible cheating in the comments part of an old picture of them. But there wasn’t any strong proof to back up these claims.

Are Brooke Monk and Sam Dezz Still Together?

Also, more reports about Sam cheating started going around in August 2023, when TikTok founder Kayla Malec said that a male TikToker with a girlfriend had slid into her direct messages. Many people thought the man TikToker was Sam right away.

Sam responded to these claims by making a movie of Kayla stitching. He wrote in the text, “I would never cheat.”

Brooke and Sam Will Keep Making Videos Together, Hopefully for the Rest of Their Lives

Brooke and Sam keep making movies about their relationship for TikTok. They seem stronger than they have ever been.


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