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Are Arti and Jamal Still Together?

Are Arti and Jamal Still Together?

Do Arti and Jamal still have a relationship? Find out if Arti and Jamal are still together by looking at their social media accounts and public appearances.

Are Arti and Jamal Still Together?

Arti Lalwani and Jamal got engaged on the third season of Indian Matchmaking, which she was a part of. People have been wondering whether or not the couple will still be together after the show is over.

Even though they haven’t said it directly, Arti has been seen in recent pictures wearing her engagement ring, and both she and Jamal have been posting about each other on their social media accounts.

In March 2023, they both went to a Holi party. Since then, they’ve been commenting on each other’s posts and Arti has even left some flirty comments on Jamal’s gym photo.

Even though it looks like they haven’t gotten married yet, they are still together and seem to have a good sense of humour about their relationship. Only the two of them will know when to take the next step and get married, but for now, it seems like their relationship is still going strong beyond the show.

Jamal Indian Matchmaking

Jamal is a personal trainer and online fitness coach. He became known all over the world when he was on the famous Indian reality TV show Indian Matchmaking. Even though we don’t know much about his past, we think he was born before 1995, making him at least 27 years old in 2023.

Jamal is from Pakistan and is a Muslim, which made some watchers wonder how his religion and culture might affect his relationship with Arti, the person he was matched with on the show. But it seems like the couple doesn’t care about their differences and is willing to work around any problems that might come up.

Since the show aired, not much has been said about Jamal. It is not clear what he is doing right now.

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Arti Indian Matchmaking Instagram

Arti Lalwani is a contestant on the reality TV show Indian Matchmaking. Her Instagram account, @artihlalwani, is still live. She has made 46 posts on her page so far. Arti has gotten 9529 people to follow her on Instagram by posting posts often.


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