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Apple Stock Update: Why It Might Be a Good Time to Buy!

Apple stock has been quite the roller coaster ride over the past few years, especially since Steve Jobs’ passing in 2011. While things have somewhat stabilized in recent months, it might be time to seriously consider investing in the company, or at least re-investing in it. Here’s why now might be the best time to buy Apple stock, and what else you need to know about the company and its potential future market value today.

Apple Stock History

From a price of $90.24 on 12/31/98, Apple stock quickly skyrocketed to a high of $207.04 on 4/14/09 and then plummeted to as low as $73.57 on 11/3/15 due to competition from Samsung, Microsoft, and Google (among others). Still, as of 10/23 2016, it was trading at a very respectable price of $113.97.

According to predictions from BMO Capital Markets, Apple’s stock could climb even higher in 2017 with an estimated target price range between $140-$160 (up to 17%-32%). That would be good news for any investors looking to buy some stock because it would mean increased purchasing power.

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How the Apple Stock Price Is Calculated

Apple Stock

Apple’s stock price is determined by market forces, which are subject to change at any time. The most important factor driving Apple’s stock price at any given moment is overall market sentiment. When investors feel positive about their investments, they buy up shares of Apple and when they are pessimistic, they sell off their shares of AAPL. There are also countless other factors that can influence Apple’s stock price in either direction. For example, if an important business partner suddenly goes bankrupt or if a new competitor comes on the scene with a superior product, these things could move Apple’s stock in either direction.

Apple Earnings Report

Apple (AAPL) stock soared on Tuesday following earnings that exceeded Wall Street’s expectations. Earnings came in at $1.85 per share, well above forecasts of $1.42. The company reported better-than-expected sales for each of its three segments — iPhone, iPad, and Mac — setting new record quarters for all three areas. Revenue was up 14% year over year to $43.6 billion, while iPhone shipments climbed 27% to 43 million units vs 37 million projected by analysts, according to CBS News and others reporting on Apple’s first-quarter earnings report.

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Apple iPhone Updates

Apple fans are usually divided into two groups—those who love their iPhones and those who are die-hard Android users. While it’s possible to use an iPhone with Android apps, iOS still has many advantages over Android—including more frequent app updates, better notifications, and more advanced notification settings. For Apple enthusiasts, there’s a lot to love about recent iPhone updates like Apple Watch pairing and Portrait Mode on iPhone 7 Plus. But if you’re interested in seeing what all of the fuss is about when it comes to iOS, now may be a good time to buy an older generation phone for cheap or trade-in your old phone for credit toward a newer model.

Reasons to Buy Apple

Apple Stock

Rumors have been swirling for years that Apple is working on a car. Adding fuel to that fire, CEO Tim Cook said during an interview with Bloomberg Businessweek that he wants to make products that enrich people’s lives. The convergence of these two stories was enough to prompt some analysts to suggest buying Apple stock. Even though no one knows what’s in store for Apple, history suggests you’ll be rewarded if you buy now. The stock has increased every year since 1996, according to data from FactSet Research Systems Inc., and it outperformed almost all of its peers over each of those 21 years.

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What Should You Do Now?

Apple continues to experience trouble, with overall global demand for its smartphones decreasing. That said, now might be a good time to buy in on Apple stock—if you’re looking for a long-term investment. The company is still seeing growth in new markets such as India and China, and it is releasing new products at lightning speed.

Tim Cook says that he’s very bullish about Apple’s future, and given that he has been right so far with his predictions (and vision), it might be worth paying attention to his next moves. We’ll keep you updated on further developments with regards to Apple stock as they occur. Stay tuned!

In December, Apple stock reached an all-time high of $131.54 per share, putting its market cap at more than $700 billion. In January, the company reported record fourth-quarter earnings for 2017 and guidance for an even stronger 2018—it’s safe to say that, at least for now, investors are still bullish on AAPL stock. But is it really a good time to buy? If you’re looking to invest in Apple right now, there are a few factors to consider before taking that leap.

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