Anushka Sharma’s Netflix web film ‘Bulbul’ First look Release

Anushka Sharma, one of the best actresses of Bollywood for a long time, is away from films. Anushka may be away from films but she is neither away from her work nor her fans. Anushka has been working continuously since lockdown and before that. Now the first look of his new film ‘Bulbul’ has come out. Its teaser has been shared on social media.

In the teaser, a little girl is seen flying among trees and litigants. Sharing this small teaser, Anushka wrote, ‘Bulbul, the best story of a girl who finds herself, full of mystery and intrigue.’

Netflix film Bulbul Story

Let me tell you that the story of this film, which is being produced under Anushka Sharma’s production, is of a boy, Satya and his brother’s girl bride Bulbul. Satya goes to England to study and when he returns, he learns that after his brother’s disappearance, Bulbul is forced into prostitution in the village. But the village is now possessed by a mysterious soul about whom Satya discovers.

Netflix film Bulbul First Look

Bulbul Netflix Release Date

Bollywood Famous Actress Anushka Sharma revealed the first look of her next film Bulbul which will release on Netflix on 24th June 2020.