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Anton Black Death: What Happened With Him in Police Custody?

Anton Black passed away on September 16, 2018, at Easton Memorial Hospital, not long after getting into a fight with two other cops and an officer from the Greensboro Police Department. The police were all white.

After a woman called 911 after observing Black fight with a younger relative, the cops confronted Black. Black fled, and the police pursued him through Greensboro and to the trailer park where his family lived. The police used a taser on Black before handcuffing him, pinning him to a ramp leading to his house, and remaining on top of him for about six minutes.

About Anton Black

Anton Black was an aspiring actress and model in addition to being a former All-American athlete at North Caroline High School. According to Antone Black’s son, he is one of the fastest kids in the state. His father took pleasure in watching his son run.

He had his entire life ahead of him and was open to all possibilities, including modeling, acting, and joining the military. However, he was unable to play the lead role in his first film.

Anton Black Death

The 19-year-old boy was killed before his request could be fulfilled. According to Ravenell and Black’s family, the officers involved were on top of Black’s body for at least six minutes, preventing him from breathing.

What Was the Cause of Black’s Death

Two years ago, the weight of three police officers holding Anton Black down in Greensboro, Caroline County, caused his death. You may read a lot more details about Black’s parents down below. Anton Black’s parents appear on the news website after speaking with Dateline reporter Lester Holt about their son’s circumstances.

The Office of the Chief Medical Examiner’s postmortem report reveals that Black passed away on September 15, 2018, from a “sudden cardiac death,” which was most likely caused by a run-in with the law.

Why Was Anton Black Assassinated?

In addition to lying on top of Anton Black for about five minutes after handcuffing him and laying him out flat on his stomach for about six minutes, the police had also folded his legs up towards the sky, which made it more difficult for him to breathe. On Friday at 10/9c, a brand-new episode of Dateline will air.

Host Lester Holt will interview Anton Black’s parents about their son’s passing. The subject of the Dateline program was what transpired when Anton was being transported to jail after being detained at his front doorway by many police officers and a passerby. The officer, Thomas Webster, examines the warning signs that surfaced in Greensboro, Maryland, where he initially began pursuing Black.

Prior to receiving a 911 call reporting that Black had been dragging a boy down the street, Webster was unaware that Black and the other child had been friends for a long time.  In the program, Anton’s parents and sister are seen discussing how their son passed away after being detained on his front porch by Webster, two other police officers, and an onlooker.

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Family of Us Black Man Killed by Md Police Settles Lawsuit for $5 Million

The family of Anton Black, a 19-year-old African American man who died in police custody in Caroline County, Maryland, in 2018, has settled a portion of their federal lawsuit against several Eastern Shore municipalities.

According to a news release from the American Civil Liberties Union of Maryland, Black’s family will receive $5 million as part of the settlement, which also requires three towns to implement systemic changes within their police departments in order to prevent another death like Black’s.

Anton Black Death

Lawyers for the family and the Coalition for Justice for Anton Black will continue to litigate a portion of the lawsuit in which the state’s Office of the Chief Medical Examiner and its controversial former chief medical examiner, Dr. David Fowler, are accused of conspiring to conceal the circumstances of Anton Black’s death.

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Personal Life

Janelle Black and Anton Black welcomed their son, whom they named Anton Black. They have received a great deal of attention as a result of the incident involving their son. Where are the mother and father at this precise moment?

Anton Black was a top figure in the athletic community at North Carolina High School. His father, Anton Black, claims that when he was younger, he was one of the state’s fastest boys. Watching him run was his father’s favorite thing on the planet.

Anton had the rest of his life ahead of him, and he was eager to explore all options, including enlisting in the military and pursuing his dreams in the modeling and acting industries.

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