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What Caused Anna Sitar’s Long-term Relationship With Brandon Hawkins to End?

Want to know why Anna Sitar’s relationship ended? Yes, we’re talking about the Tiktok star whose breakup with her long-term boyfriend is making headlines right now. We’ll talk about that soon. But did you know that Anna Sitar likes to make friends on planes? She wrote about this in Hot Girl Travel Tips. Putting that aside for now, her relationship with Brandon Hawkins is also scary. Before that, let’s talk briefly about how well-known Anna Sitar is.

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Anna Sitar

Anna Sitar is a social media personality who creates content. Anna was born on March 30, 1997, in the state of Pennsylvania. Well, in a few hours, she will be 26. Happy birthday before your birthday! How well-known is Anna Sitar on Tiktok? It’s all about dance, music, and transition videos, which have gotten more than 1.3 billion likes.

Anna Sitar went to Western Michigan University to study engineering before she joined social media. So, it is assumed that she worked for a company. She likes to go to new places a lot, and her first video on YouTube was a vlog about her trip to Poland.

If you’re a fan of hers, you probably know that Anna Sitar has also put out merchandise. It’s called “I Don’t Want It.” Surprisingly, though, everyone wants it. There are hoodies, T-shirts, key chains, and other things in the set.

Now that we’re talking about Anna Sitar’s breakup, it’s important to talk about her relationship with Brandon Hawkins. Yes, that’s been the case from the start. How did everything begin? What did go wrong? No one who liked her thought that the couple would break up so soon. Many of us were shocked by it. Here is what we know about why Anna Sitar and her boyfriend broke up.


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Anna Sitar’s Breakup With Brandon Hawkins:

Anna Sitar and Brandon Hawkins broke up at the beginning of 2021. It was said that they had been together for seven years. That’s a lot of time. When she was dating Brandon, Anna, a Tiktok star, was pretty open about what was going on in her love life.


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After that, she became very secretive when she began dating Josh Brubaker, who was on Season 4 of The Circle. We’ll talk about how they know each other later.

Anna Sitar and Brandon Hawkins used to be high school sweethearts, in case you didn’t know that. Yes! So cute! That didn’t last, though. Why? No one has ever said what the real reason was.

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Anna Sitar broke up with her boyfriend, so she stayed in Los Angeles to finish her master’s degree. Whereas, Brandon, her ex-boyfriend, moved to Florida for work. You didn’t know it, but they reportedly lived apart for six months before making the final move.

Well, some people knew this, and one fan even said, “Brandon looked lonely.” In short, it seemed like Anna Sitar and Brandon Hawkins broke up in a friendly way.


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Today, both of them have moved on with their lives. At first, their relationship seemed so strong that people called themselves “Branna” Everyone found it hard to believe that the Tiktoks were done with each other. But that was fixed for good, and now everything is fine.

Now that she is with Josh Brubaker, Anna Sitar is having the best times of her life. Yes! They are still together and getting along great. In other words, we can say that Josh and Anna have undeniable chemistry and look like they can’t stay away from each other.

We wish Anna Sitar the best for the rest of her life. Anna is too young, and we hope that she will do better in the future. wishing only for her happiness. Follow Anna Sitar on Instagram to get more updates that are relevant to you.

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