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Andor Season 1 Release Date: Where Can I Watch the First Season of Andor?

Andor Season 1 Release Date

Andor is a forthcoming American television series created by Tony Gilroy for the Disney+ streaming service. The series, a prequel to the Star Wars spin-off film Rogue One (2016), follows thief-turned-Rebel spy Cassian Andor five years before the events of the film.

Diego Luna executive produces and reprises his role as Cassian Andor from Rogue One. Stellan Skarsgard, Adria Arjona, Denise Gough, Kyle Soller, and Fiona Shaw also appear. In November 2018, Lucasfilm announced a series centered on Andor, with Luna attached and Stephen Schiff hired as showrunner. In April 2020, Schiff was replaced as creator and showrunner by Rogue One co-writer Gilroy.

When Will Andor Season 1 Be Released?

According to Gadgets360, the official trailer for Andor, the next Star Wars original series, has been released. The 12-episode series takes place before the events of Rogue One: A Star Wars Story and follows rebel spy Cassian Andor (Diego Luna) on his journey to become a “rebel hero” against the Empire. Andor was supposed to premiere on August 31, but it has now been pushed back by nearly a month.

Andor premieres exclusively on Disney+ Hotstar on September 21 with a three-episode premiere. While Disney has not provided an explanation for the delay, we can assume it was made to avoid conflict with the next Marvel Cinematic Universe series, She-Hulk, which begins streaming on August 17. The trailer for Andor begins with a voiceover from the titular rebel spy (Diego Luna), as we see the Empire’s regime grow in power.

“You just walk in like you belong to steal from the Empire,” Andor says as he plots his infiltration into the organization. We also get a glimpse of his childhood self, climbing in through crevices, proving his history and experience.

Andor Season 1 Cast

What is the Plot of  Andor Season 1

“Andor will take a fresh look at the Star Wars universe, focusing on Cassian Andor’s journey to discover how he can make a difference. The series tells the story of the Empire’s burgeoning rebellion and how people and planets became involved. It’s a time of danger, deception, and intrigue, and Cassian is about to embark on a journey that will turn him into a rebel hero.”

“The rousing spy thriller will delve into tales of espionage and daring missions to restore hope to a galaxy gripped by a ruthless Empire.”

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Where to Watch Andor Season 1

Following the first three episodes, Disney+ has confirmed that Andor will release episodes weekly.

The following is the release schedule.

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Is There a Trailer for Andor?

Apart from the previously released trailers (more on those below), Disney has now provided us with an additional sneak peek at Andor as part of the Disney Plus Day celebrations, which are only available to stream on the platform. If you aren’t already a member, now is the time to join because there is a limited-time Disney Plus Day offer available to new and returning subscribers that allows you to get Disney Plus for $1.99/£1.99.

The main trailer is available to view below. It gives us a glimpse of some of the new series’ stunning environments, as well as the start of Cassian Andor’s rebel journey…

In Rogue One, What Happens to Andor Cassian?

When the Empire was in power, Cassian enlisted in the rebellion at the age of six, acting as a seasoned spy in the Rebel Alliance. He receives a covert order to track down and kill Galen Erso, a scientist who was captured by director Orson Krenic and made to assist in the construction of the Death Star, during the events of Rogue One.

The reprogrammed Imperial security droid K-2SO serves as Andor’s co-pilot for the mission. Instead of killing Galen, Andor organised a team alongside Jyn Erso, Galen’s daughter, to steal the Death Star blueprints from Scarif. Kronic ambushes them as they enter the data center, but they manage to transfer the blueprints as the Death Star explodes, killing Cassian and Jyn as they hug.

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