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Amy Schumer’s ‘snl’ Opening Monologue Touches on Midterms, Husband’s Autism

The topics of abortion availability, the forthcoming midterm elections, and Amy Schumer’s husband’s autistic spectrum disease were discussed in the opening monologue of Saturday Night Live that she delivered.

The episode of Saturday Night Live that aired on November 5 was Amy Schumer’s third time hosting the comedy sketch series. The episode also aired just a few days before the midterm elections, which Schumer initially referred to as “abortions” during her opening monologue before correcting herself to say “elections.”

Schumer apologised for interrupting, saying, “I was thinking about what’s at stake if we don’t vote.” “Don’t people just enjoy it when they can offer pregnant women advice? Throughout the entirety of my pregnancy, I had this one friend who insisted that I start practising prenatal yoga as soon as possible. It is of great assistance throughout labour and delivery. After that, I wasted little time in getting registered… to have a caesarean section.

She went on to add that when someone gives birth, the doctors insist that they do not have sex for six weeks before she began talking about her and her husband’s sex life before she went on to say that after someone gives birth, the doctors insist that they do not have sex for six weeks.

“Yes, our sexual lives are quite fulfilling. “Yes,” was all she could say. “To those of you who are married, have you come across this? According to our research, the best day of the week to have sex is always the day after tomorrow. Like, we ate today. There’s a chance that we won’t eat tomorrow. That’s going to be a wonderful day.”

She continued, adding that her husband is the best because whenever they are going to have sex, he always turns the lights on, whereas she wants to turn them off. She said that this is one of the many reasons why he is the best.

Then he asks, “Baby, why are you so timid? You have a very attractive physique. And at that moment, I said, “Oh my God, you are so adorable. She remarked, “You assume that I don’t want you to see me.'”

Schumer also mentioned the autistic spectrum illness that her husband, Chris Fischer, suffers from. This condition was formerly known as Asperger’s syndrome before it came to light that its namesake, Dr. Hans Asperger, had ties to the Nazi party. She laughed and said, “Kanye,” before continuing on to state that the family’s reaction to Fischer’s diagnosis has been overwhelmingly positive.

“We understand so much more about his behaviour,” she added. “It makes so much more sense.” “And it’s given him so many tools like, now if somebody’s in the middle of a long and boring story, he will straight up simply walk away from the conversation. And when others find out that he has autism, they act as if they aren’t familiar with the condition at all. They say something to the effect of, “Oh, does he love to count? Should we throw a handful of straws on the floor for him to pick up and tally, or should we just leave them there? I’m thinking, “Yeah, that sounds like it could be a lot of fun.”

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