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Ampreviews: What About Monetization?


What is Amp?

The Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) library is an open-source resource that gives developers a clear approach to the process of making web pages that load almost instantly for users. In theory, AMP adds flexibility and customization options to all layouts and functionalities by building on your already existing framework.

Benefits of Amp?

It is expected that Google AMP would load the data on your web page in less than one second, allowing your target audience to rapidly get the content they are searching for. Which ultimately results in users being more engaged with the content and receptive to the marketing messaging. And much more likely to carry out the course of action you want them to pursue. Excellent, that seems to be a workable strategy.

What About Monetization?

The fantastic news is about to arrive. Because AMP did not initially offer header bidding, there was significantly less competition, which resulted in lower CPMs. Our publisher partners that made the conversion to AMP saw a drop of up to 50 percent in their CPMs over the first few months after making the switch. A rather discouraging circumstance, particularly in light of the substantial development costs that were incurred in order to be among the early adopters of AMP.

Nevertheless, thanks to the development of Prebid server-to-server technology, the header bidders are currently participating in AMP once again. And they are in a commanding position. We have seen that the CPMs for AdX and header bidders are comparable on AMP and mobile. Furthermore, native networks get significantly higher results, with up to 50% higher CPMs on AMP.


In general, the publishing community has a variety of opinions regarding AMP. If AMP pages load faster, hence enhancing the user experience and leading to an increase in CPMs, the question becomes whether or not the additional development costs are justified. The implementation may be challenging, and the execution of advertisements may be considerably more challenging.

And AMP only supports Google Analytics for WordPress users; it does not permit the use of any other analytics platforms and is not versatile in this regard. However, if you are dedicated to AMP and are prepared to forego some of the disadvantages described above in exchange for larger CPMs, you will be rewarded.

Adapex will continue to follow the work of the advisory committee and provide updates on AMP as they become available. To assist you in making the choices that will be most beneficial to your company, we are always available to discuss our experiences with AMP and other emerging trends with you.

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