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Amazon Prime’s Gulabo Sitabo Movie Review – 1 Time Watch

The coronavirus still locks theaters. In such a situation, the film ‘Gulabo Sitabo’, directed by filmmaker Shoojit Sircar, has been released on Amazon Prime Video on Friday 13th June 2020.

On Amazon Prime Video, the film has been presented to the audience in 200 countries with subtitles in 15 languages. The audience eagerly awaited the release of this film. Let’s know how the film is.

Gulabo Sitabo Movie Story

The Gulabo Sitabo film’s story revolves around a 100-year-old mansion, which is in a shambles. In it, 78-year-old Mirza (Amitabh Bachchan) lives with his Begum Fatima (Farukh Jafar). The mansion is named after his wife. Hence its name is Fatima Mahal.

Some tenants have been living in this mansion for years, who pay only 30-70 rupees. Out of these, Banke Rastogi (Ayushman Khurana) Mirza is the biggest problem.

Mirza is a greedy, stingy and quarrelsome man, but he has a great love for this mansion. He had married Fatima for 15 years for this. Now the aim of his life is to get the tenants out of this mansion and get it after Begum dies. Banke, who lives here with his mother and three sisters, also does not want to leave the mansion.

Gulabo Sitabo Movie Trailer

Gulabo Sitabo Movie Review

Many parts of the Gulabo Sitabo film are very drawn. At the same time, even after the release of half the film, new characters are kept in it. The film does not succeed in keeping you with yourself.
A 10-minute climax will only increase your interest. There is a message in the film, “Greed is bad.” This film can be seen once for Ayushmann, Amitabh and Farrukh.

Our Rating 3/5

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