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Amazon Prime Inside Edge Season 3 Release Date, Cast, Plot, Trailer

Inside Edge Season 3 Release Date

Inside Edge is one of the famous web series that has been released on Amazon Prime. The web series has been a great success with two seasons being aired so far. And now, the viewers are already keen to know when season three will be making its way to the OTT platform anytime soon.

Inside Edge Season 3 Cast

The lead roles will be reprised by the respective actors. Also, there is a likelihood of seeing new cast members as the story moves ahead.

Inside Edge Season 3 Plot

The story of Inside Edge is about a made-up T20 cricket team titled Mumbai Maverick that plays in Power Play League. Yes, it is sort of what appears to be our Indian Premier League in which teams play to win the champion’s trophy and encompasses players from various cities of the nation. To add flavor to the story, the dark side of the cricket world is brought into the spotlight depicting how money, politics, and power function collectively and thus diktats all the rules, making all go upside down. With season 3, the storyline can be anticipated to get more intense and thrilling.

And the good news is here. Tanuj Virwani, in an interview, said, “We got done shooting for Inside Edge season 3 before season 2 had even released. Can you believe it? The season should be out toward the end of 2020. We’re done shooting it. I think I just broke the news to you (laughs). I spoke to our Director (Karan Anshuman) a few days before the lockdown started, he was right in the middle of the post-production. So, let’s see (how the post-production work progresses).”

Inside Edge Season 3 Release Date

Thus, it can be understood that the show’s production is already in progress, and if all goes as the plan, we can expect Inside Edge Season 3 to be arriving on the OTT platform by December 2020.

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