Amazon Prime Mirzapur Season 2 Plot Details, Story, Assumptions

In the year 2018, Amazon Prime’s web series Mirzapur rocked the internet world. The characters of this web series became popular.

In the Mirzapur season 1 of the year 2018, the story of Bhaiya Kaalin Bhaiya of Mirzapur was shown. The end of season 1 was left open, with Kalin Bhaiya’s biggest enemy becoming his own disciple Guddu Bhaiya. Kaalin Bhaiya’s legacy now has to be cherished by her son Munna Bhaiya. He is also struggling a lot with this. Kaalin Bhaiya is played by Pakanj Tripathi in this series. Apart from this, Ali Fazal, Vikrant Messi, Divyendu Sharma and Shreya Pilgaonkar were seen in important roles.

Mirzapur Season 2 Plot

There is always some sort of proportional graph in the plot of stories like that of Mirzapur. Here is my view on what’s about to happen next in Mirzapur Season 2:

  1. Guddu after recovering from injury has joined the Gorakhpur Gang or now runs Gorakhpur. I say this because it’s not safe for Guddu to live in Mirzapur any more. So he might live at a neutral territory or might rule one as well.
  2. Sharad Shukla runs Jaunpur and wants revenge from both Guddu and Kaleen. His character can simply not be in alliance with either Guddu ( coz Guddu killed Rati Shankar ) and Kaleen ( as he is sworn in the enemy of Sharad’s dead father). He is going to be the center of the whole story next season.
  3. Tripathi’s ( Munna, Kaleen and his father) continue to run Mirzapur but now have to dangerous enemy’s Guddu and Sharad.
  4. Guddu will have full support from the Gorakhpur gang or Nepal Border Gang ( not clearly specified in the first season ) as the marriage of the leader’s daughter was completely ruined by Munna.
  5. The plot will remain the same as all the powers wanting to take full control of Mirzapur.

Mirzapur Season 2 Story Assumptions

  • Munna will manage to escape the present firing and return to Mirzapur.
  • Guddu Pandit survives and recovers.
  • Golu will transform completely and chalks out revenge plans with Guddu
  • Pandithji continues his legal battle
  • Sharad rises to power. He’s smart and cunning. A hidden talent. He showed a flash during ka ka gha gha scene.
  • JP Yadav plays his cards, carefully choosing his odds.
  • The fight for political patronage and market share between Sharad and Kaleem Bhai heats up.
  • The old man on the wheelchair either dies or turns more vicious by advising Kaleem bhaiyya.
  • Golu will fill the shoes of babloo and aid Guddu, as they share a common pain and a common enemy
  • Munna would miss compounder very badly.
  • Maurya, if survives, plans to encounter entire gang of Kaleem bhaiyya.Or else, police department takes it suo motu.
  • Attacking the police was the most foolish thing in Kaleem bhayyas career.
  • Kaleem bhaiyyas position would be like Pablo Escobar in his last days.
  • Expect new players and surprising twists.