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Breaking News: Alyssa Diaz Is Pregnant! Everything We Know So Far!

Want to know if Alyssa Diaz is going to have a baby? Yes, we’re talking about the actress from The Rookie who looks like she’s going to have a baby. But the question is whether or not that is true.

This is more likely to be true now that Angela Lopez is also seen pregnant in The Rookie. How do you feel? Also, who is the father of her child? Before that, let’s talk briefly about how well-known Alyssa Diaz is in the business.

As a starting point, Alyssa Diaz is best known for her role as Celia Ortega in the soap opera As the World Turns. Alyssa was born in 1985 in Northridge. She is now 37 years old.

How the Garcia Girls Spent Their Summer, Parallel, Shark, Southland, The Nine Lives of Chloe King, Army Wives, Ray Donovan, Zoo, etc. are some of her best-known roles. You haven’t seen Season 1 of Narcos: Mexico, have you? She played the part of Mika Camarena.

Last year, Alyssa Diaz did a TV movie called Ray Donovan: The Movie. This was her most recent project. Teresa was played by her.

When it comes to Alyssa Diaz’s pregnancy, fans are very sure that it’s really happening. But the actress already has a son with her partner. But what’s going on with her now? If you want to know if the rumors about Alyssa being pregnant are true, here’s what we know.

The Rookie Star Alyssa Diaz Pregnant In Real Life:

Well, Alyssa Diaz is very private about her life outside of work. In other words, she would rather keep things quiet at first.

In Episode 13 of Season 5 of The Rookie, we saw that Alyssa Diaz was having her second child. Detective Angela Lopez is the character we’re talking about. Because her baby bump looks so real, her fans are sure that it’s happening in real life, too.

But the saddest thing is that the actress has not yet confirmed that she is pregnant for a second time in real life. Still, we’re waiting for Alyssa to post about this on social media.


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About Angela Lopez’s first pregnancy, what do you think? Well, that was shown when I went out on a date with her. What’s the meaning of that? Alyssa Diaz was going to have her first child in 2020.

The writers of the Rookie show decided to talk about this in the show. They didn’t choose to cover up her big baby bump. It seemed so real.

Fans are more sure now that they know this. People think that when Angela gets pregnant this time on The Rookie, it should really happen to Alyssa in real life.

The fact that Alyssa Diaz is pregnant makes it important to talk about who she is seeing. The person can also be called her baby daddy. Qui est-il? Well, Gustavo Galindo is the name of Alyssa Diaz’s partner.

In case you were wondering, Gustavo makes music for a living. Some of his songs that you should listen to are Wrong Things Right, Prayer, The Lucky Ones, Chasing Lightning, It’s Out There Waiting, etc.

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In 2020, Alyssa Diaz and her boyfriend, Gustavo Galindo, welcomed their first child, a baby boy. But the actress does her best to keep his kid out of the spotlight. When it comes to her relationship with Gustavo, not much is known about it. No, they haven’t tied the knot yet, but they are engaged.


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Gustavo Galino and Alyssa Diaz love each other very much. We don’t know when they’re going to get married because they haven’t said anything official about the plans. But from what I can tell, Gustavo seems to be very helpful.

We hope the best for Alyssa Diaz in the days to come. Make sure you’re following Alyssa on Instagram to get more information. We hope that the news that Alyssa Diaz is pregnant for the second time is true.

Who is Alyssa Diaz’s Baby Daddy?

Diaz is going to marry Gustavo Galindo, a singer, and songwriter. On December 28, 2020, Diaz told her Instagram followers that she and Galindo had a baby boy. Her pregnancy was part of her role in The Rookie.

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