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What is Alisha Lehmann Dating History?

Alisha Lehmann is a professional football player from Switzerland. She is currently a forward for both the West Ham United Women’s team and the Swiss national team. Even though she is only 24, she has left an impression on the Swiss Women’s National Team and her home country that will last.

She is more popular than anything else in England right now. Even though she is known for her skills on the pitch, fans and the media are also interested in who she dates. In this article, we’ll look at who she’s been with in the past. But before we do that, let’s learn more about this beautiful football player.

Alisha Lehmann

Lehmann was born on January 21, 1999, in Langnau im Emmental, Switzerland. She started playing football for the local club FC Langnau in her hometown. After that, she played for FC Huttwil, where a professional Swiss football team called BSC Young Boys saw her.

In 2016, when she was 17, she got her first job with BSC Young Boys and quickly became the best player on the team. In 2018, Lehmann became the first Swiss player to play in the FA Women’s Super League.

She joined West Ham United Women. In her first season with the team, she played 16 games and scored five goals. This helped the team finish seventh in the league.


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Alisha went to Everton in January 2021, and she did well there. After a few months, she made the move to Aston Villa, where she still plays. Lehmann is known for her speed, her technical skills, and her ability to score goals.

She is a versatile player because she can play different positions, like winger and striker. Coaches and fans alike have given her a lot of praise for her work on the pitch.

Lehmann is known off the pitch for being friendly and having a good attitude. She has also spoken up for women’s football and said that the sport doesn’t get enough funding and support. But over the years, people have talked a lot about her love life. In this article, we’ll take a close look at who Alisha Lehmann has dated.

Alisha Lehmann’s Partners Over the Years

When she first joined the Women’s Super League with West Ham, Alisha dated Ramona Bachmann, a fellow Swiss international. Ramona was then a player for Chelsea, a rival team, and their romance had to be put on hold when they fought against each other on the field.

Ramona Bachmann

Alisha dated Ramona Bachmann, a Swiss international when she first started playing with West Ham in the Women’s Super League. When Ramona played for Chelsea, a rival team, they had to put their relationship on hold because they had to play against each other.


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Also, their relationship was shown in the BBC Three documentary Britain’s Youngest Football Boss. In 2018, they started dating, and by 2021, they were about to get married. However, Alisha and Ramona broke up, which was a surprise to everyone. Ramona seems to have moved on and is now dating a French dancer named Charlotte Baret.

Douglas Luiz

Soon after she broke up with Ramona, Alisha was seen going out with Douglas Luiz, who plays football for the Aston Villa men’s team.

In 2021, Alisha Lehmann and Brazilian midfielder Douglas Luiz told the public that they were dating. On her Instagram story, the Swiss player posted a selfie of them kissing. Luiz posted the same boomerang with the word “Princess” in the caption.


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But the couple’s happily ever after didn’t last long. In November 2022, they broke up. People say that Alisha’s desire to be a calendar model caused the fights that led to the breakup. Luiz is back in Brazil, while Lehmann is staying with a teammate. The Premier League is on hold because of the World Cup.

Lehmann is currently single and putting her attention on her career. She did post a picture of herself hugging a column on Valentine’s Day, which was a hint that she is very much single. We hope the best for her in the days to come and can’t wait to hear good news about her love life. Follow Alisha on Instagram to find out what she’s up to.

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