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AIOZ Crypto: A Complete Price Prediction And A dCDN Streaming Future

The only Layer-1 block chain with full Ethereum and Cosmos interoperability is an AIOZ Network. AIOZ swiftly deploys dApps to provide instant finality and low TX fees while leveraging a multi-chain architecture with infinite horizontal scalability by using EVM and WASM smart contracts. 

As we know the price of cryptocurrencies are fluctuating and are dependent on various factors so the price of the AIOZ token price fell to $0.3535 on 6th of January, down 25% from the $0.4709 at the beginning of the trading session on 1st January, data on crypto assets price-tracking website CoinMarketCap showed. On the 25th December the price of the AIOZ coin price started hiking ahead of the Mainnet launch, which is known as the key milestone in the block chain’s development, signifying the live deployment of the network. Blockc hain developments are often trailed on the Testnet environment to make sure the functions and features are tested without incurring transaction fees, after the network migrates to the Mainnet, all activities and transactions incur fees. 

On 2nd January before falling down, the AIOZ coin value hit a peak at $0.5094, and the peak remained below the all-time high of $2.5084 on 3 April 201, a day after the token’s launch. The following chart shows the same:

aioz crypto 

These are the historical moments of the AIOZ crypto, now let us discuss more on AIOZ crypto. 

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What Is AIOZ Network? 

The only network which focuses on delivering decentralized digital is the AIOZ network, a Singapore based block chain we can say. Decentralized content delivery network (dCDN) claims to distribute data among global, user-run nodes to deliver digital content. The main focus of the geographically distributed node or a server is to increase the speed of the delivery of the digital content by bringing it closer to the request source. 

For instance, when data is necessary, it will be retrieved and transferred from the nearest node. This is in contrast with the traditional model, where data and information are retrieved from centralized private servers. This dCDN mechanism of AIOZ will utilize the storage, bandwidth, and redundant memory capacity of community members to create a robust content streaming network. AIOZ network has claimed its dCDN is a faster, efficient and greener way to deliver media. Through the digital content streaming site AIOZ tube, the application of AIOZ network will work. 

As per the AIOZ, the digital content delivery on its network, removes middlemen, redistributes control, and rewards the creators who makes the content, the readers of the content who engage with it, and the users who run nodes via $AIOZ, because the application of AIOZ network is through its digital content streaming site AIOZ tube. 

The server operators are remunerated with the network currency of AIOZ coins, which can be used to pay against the app, network services and other items. Other roots of earning from the AIOZ coins are through staking, which is the validation of transactions on the network, content creation and viewers. 

Earlier the server operators of the AIOZ network’s testnet Nodes were rewarded with 1:1 conversion ratio. One testnet AIOZ token rewarded would correspond to one Mainnet token. 

Till 26th of December, according to AIOZ network data published, it has over 36,000 servers worldwide. Most of the operators are in Europe, accounting for 39% of the total sum or 14,000 servers. There are 11,679 servers in Asia and 7500 servers in South America. 

AIOZ said during 1st March to 25th December of the year 2021 its network has delivered “270,000 videos equivalent to 841 TB and collective storage capacity of more than 110TB, over 18 million segment” 

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AIOZ Coin Future Prediction: 

Even with the risks in beginning phase block chain projects, AIOZ forecast in the crypto market is comparatively bullish, with price prediction and technews leader both expecting AIOZ price to surpass $2 in the next five years and continue to rise in the subsequent years. The experts expects AIOZ prices to rise over the next decade, according to the following image: 

aioz crypto 

Technical and fundamental analysis of the whole system is the key, when we talk about the price prediction of the crypto coins, which includes the past reports and past price moments of the particular coin. Technical and fundamental analysis is essential when you want to predict the future price of any digital coin, because past performance does not guarantee future results. 

It is important to do your research and always remember your decision to trade depends on your attitude to risk and how comfortable you feel about losing money. You should never invest money that you cannot afford to lose.

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The Final Thoughts 

AIOZ coins claimed it has launched on Mainnet and has a live digital streaming platform, while these launches are the key project milestones, but they are not indicators of the future success of AIOZ crypto coin. Whether it is a good investment or not  will depend on your investing objectives and portfolio composition. Cryptocurrency is an extremely high-risk investment and capital will be at risk, but the investors must research on their own and never invest what they can not afford to lose. 

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