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After Breaking Up With Pete Davidson, Emily Ratajkowski Downloaded a Dating App—What Can We Expect?

Even though we are all aware that dating and maintaining relationships can be challenging, it would appear that some people just don’t feel the need to put as much effort into pursuing their romantic interests. Emily Ratajkowski is one of the aforementioned individuals. However, when it comes to one of Hollywood’s top superstars, she really is just like us — at least in one regard — as she just disclosed that she has joined a dating app.

This shows that she is not above or below any of us. This admission follows headlines that seem to indicate that her relationship with Pete Davidson has come to an end, and if the “Disappeared” actress has even resorted to using apps in order to hunt for love, what chance do the rest of us possibly have?

Emily Ratajkowski is a model who has been in music videos, an actress who has co-starred with Ben Affleck, and the author of the book My Body, which is a compilation of essays on beauty, sexuality, and strength in our culture. Ratajkowski has co-starred with Affleck. Since she disclosed that she was divorcing her spouse of four years, Sebastian Bear-McClard, she has supposedly gone out on multiple dates with Brad Pitt, and most recently, she was linked to Pete Davidson. So, why did the decision get made to make a profile on a dating website? In her podcast titled “High Low,” she offered the following explanation:

I poured myself a glass of wine and said under my breath, “Damn it.” Due to the fact that so many people advised me not to take it, I found myself acting really cheeky.

Emily Ratajkowski stated that she received queries about why she was doing it, both in her personal messages and from friends and family, and that she responded to them as follows: “It seems that a lot of people were confused by her decision to take up using dating apps.

Simply because I am a female. I am a lady who is unmarried, self-sufficient, and free. It’s something I want to do.

And it ought to be sufficient for anyone’s needs! It is admirable that she exercises such initiative with regard to her private life and considers the various paths available to her. She mentioned that she had also gotten requests from females, which she called “quite thrilling.” It’s especially humorous that she did it in defiance of the advice that she supposedly received from a large number of people. On the other hand, both she and her co-host pointed out that the use of dating apps does not longer carry the same stigma that it did in the past, and that this is because this is the environment in which we currently live.

Emily Ratajkowski’s name had been brought up in connection with the notorious player Pete Davidson in the past. The claimed couple appeared to make their relationship public when attending a New York Knicks game after celebrating his birthday together back in November. A lot of people had high hopes for the couple because they shared a love for the East Coast in a way that the grads of “Saturday Night Live” who worked with Kim Kardashian’s ex-girlfriend could not share.

The fact that Pete Davidson was seen with his “Bodies, Bodies, Bodies” co-star Chase Sui Wonders at a New York Rangers game and at his residence, in addition to the revelation that he used the dating app EmRata, seems to indicate that their relationship has come to an end (or at least not exclusive).

Therefore, what kind of a partner is the model hoping to find through the use of dating apps? Emily Ratajkowski has expressed that all she needs is someone “regular” to be in her life, stating:

There is a need for a surgeon. We need a lawyer. Academician. … Therefore, the only reason I’m using this application is to get to know these folks is because my buddies couldn’t deal with the standards.

Emily Ratajkowski has always advocated for the emancipation of women, and if she is successful in finding what she is looking for—just as so many other people are trying to find love—she will have even more inner fortitude. I hope she, as well as the rest of us, has success in our connection.

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