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After Being Diagnosed With Stage 2 Melanoma, Teddi Mellencamp Said, “This Has Been Such a Wakeup Call.”

Teddi Mellencamp is being transparent about her health in an effort to inspire others to listen to their physicians and take their advice seriously.

The former cast member of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills took to Instagram on Tuesday to share her tale about her new melanoma diagnosis. Along with the post, she included a photo of a pink scar and a bandage on her shoulder blade.

“Melanoma awareness update. In spite of the worry I was experiencing, I decided to follow the advice of the physicians and go in for my regular skin check every three months since my prior melanoma “Mellencamp, who is 41 years old, recounted. “They informed me that I had another suspicious spot next to the one they removed, so they performed a biopsy.”

“This morning I got the call informing me that I have stage 2 melanoma. Now, on the following Wednesday, I am going to an oncologist to have it removed and formulate a strategy for the measures that need to be taken after that “She went on to say more. “Of course, the outcome of all of this is dependent on the results of some further tests and biopsies that were performed today on other areas that are nearby.”

According to Mellencamp, the “lesson to be learned” from this experience is the significance of paying attention to the direction and counsel provided by one’s physician.

According to what she wrote, “If a doctor advises, ‘come in every three months,’ please go in every three months.” “I wanted to ignore this matter in every way possible. I pondered, “What could possibly could place in the next three months?” It would appear that a lot.”

Mellencamp provided the following explanation for why she has maintained her commitment to sharing her health journey: “When I was a teenager in the 1990s, I would fake a tan by applying baby oil and iodine to my skin. I didn’t start using sunscreen until I was 40, and I didn’t get my moles checked for a long time.”

In her concluding remarks, she stated, “This has been such a wakeup call for me, and I hope to all of you, to cherish and protect the skin you’re in.”

“I am on my way to work, which is the reason why I am dressed to the nines. However, this serves as a friendly reminder to make sure you get your skin checked annually “she had written. “I had been avoiding mine because of my own anxiety for a very long time, but when @kylerichards18 saw my back and it had changed colours again, she immediately took me to the doctor who, within minutes, said it looks like melanoma and did a big removal,” the patient said. “I had been avoiding mine because of my own anxiety for a very long time.”

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