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Adam Collard Season 4: Cast, Plot and Release Date!

Adam’s time on Love Island in 2018 was not without controversy. According to reports, the final episode of Love Island 2022 will air in less than a week, and we’ll soon learn which of the Love Island couples will compete in the show’s grand finale.

As a returnee from last year’s villa season, Adam Collard caused quite a commotion when he was unexpectedly added to the lineup.

Adam Collard Season 4

It’s not clear if Paige and he will last the distance in the 2022 villa, but they’ve been together a long time already. 26 years old

What Kind of Relationship Does Adam Have?

Adam Collard Returned to Love Island for What Reason?

“I’m going to ruffle a few feathers when I go in,” Adam remarked of his surprise comeback. In the coming days, we’ll discover more about his motivations for returning.

If So, Where Can I Find Him There?

Yes, he’s on Twitter as well, and his handle is @adamcollard. According to her Instagram account, she already has 935 thousand fans.

What Kind of a Companion is Adam Collard Seeking?

Preparations for Adam’s return to the villa have been kept under wraps. Before his first appearance on Love Island, he did, however, say: “The only thing on my mind is to have fun and see what happens. Being that I enjoy meeting new individuals and chatting with random strangers, I don’t see anything wrong if I don’t meet Mrs Right.”

A “dominant girl who keeps me on my toes, but who is also real and down-to-earth and who I could take home to family if I wanted” was also mentioned by him.

And he went on to say that he “can’t stand” girls who are conceited or have poor oral hygiene.

Love Island 2018: Who Was Adam’s Partner of Choice?

Adam caused a stir in the fourth season of Love Island when he paired up with four ladies in two weeks. When he entered the villa, Kendall Rae-Knight was his girlfriend, but he quickly ditched her for new arrival Rosie Williams a week later. In the days before Zara McDermott came into the villa, Adam and Rosie were still together.

Watchers became enraged when Adam said Rosie’s complaints about his cold shoulder were all in her mind after she tried to confront him about it. This led to warnings from WomenAid about “gaslighting and emotional abuse” from Adam’s scenes with Rosie. It was during Casa Amor week that Adam turned his attention to Darylle Sargeant after Zara was suddenly ejected from the island.

Adam continued to see Zara after the show ended, and the two had an eight-month relationship before separating. “I am heartbroken to share that Adam and I have split ways,” Zara wrote on Instagram at the time. He has a special place in my heart because of how much I cherish the time we spent together.

Adam Collard Season 4

When it comes to being the greatest person I can be, and making it work, my efforts have been endless. Even if you do everything for them or attempt to be everything they need, you may not be enough for them.

Love Island’s Adam Collard: is He Returning for Season 4?

On July 10, 2022, Adam was officially introduced as the newest member of the Love Island villa cast as he appeared on the show. A few weeks before the producers were prepared to discard another two Islanders, his return to The Island was welcomed by ITV2. After four years, Adam is the longest-serving contestant on Love Island, making him the first to return.

His surprise reappearance at the end of the episode that aired on July 10, 2022, shocked fans. When Adam was asked about his return, he remarked, “I’m going to ruffle feathers.” Their feelings for one another were revived the moment Adam and Zara left the villa. During this time, they were together for around eight months.

Clients can purchase one-on-one fitness training sessions with Adam, a personal trainer and fitness instructor. He has a following on OnlyFans as well. Despite Zara’s romance with Made in Chelsea’s Sam Thompson, Adam remains single.

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At the beginning of the year, he began dating beauty influencer Sarah Godfrey, but the two split after just a few months in January of 2020. A series of romances had failed to keep him happy since his departure from the villa, so he has returned. Sam Thompson filmed a TikTok of Zara’s response to Adam’s return to Love Island and put it online.

Cas Adam Collard, the Fourth Season

Her first appearance on Love Island was in 2018 when she was a personal trainer from Newcastle, England. The then-21-year-old had his pick of potential dates due to his status as the Day 1 bombshell (and, thereby, breaking up one of the already-existing couples).

A few days later, Rosie showed up at the villa, and he quickly developed a stronger bond with her than he had with Kendall. Adam met Megan Barton-Hanson, Rosie’s villa roommate, after following her for a few days.

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Zara entered the resort on Day 15, which was the day he broke up with Rosie because he found her to be a materialistic jerk. Adam and Zara were rated the island’s least popular residents. The islanders selected Zara and Eyal Booker as the two people they wanted to return to the mainland.

What Caused the Breakup Between Adam Collard and Zara Mcdermott?

In the aftermath of Zara’s exit, Adam decided to continue on the show and reconnect with Darrelle, however, he was rejected a week later.

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They had only slept together once before Zara was sent home. The two of them remained together for the duration of the season, making them one of the most durable.


Reality dating show Love Island has kept viewers on their toes throughout the summer of 2022 with its eighth season.

Adam Collard Season 4

As if that wasn’t enough, four fresh bombshells are set to enter the Love Island house this season. An outspoken 25-year-old is one of the newcomers who aren’t afraid to go above and beyond to garner some attention. You may learn more about Love Island’s Lacey Edwards by checking out the following information.

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