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Disney+ Hotstar Aarya Web Series Review – Sushmita Sen Made Impact

The flames of big houses are also big and the reality behind it is even more dangerous. The story of Sushmita Sena starrer web series Aarya on Disney+ Hotstar also revolves around this saying. But one thing has to be said that Sushmita Sen has made a comeback. With her style, Sushmita Sen has been dominating the hearts and minds of the rest of the cast and audience in Aarya, no matter what to say.

After a long time, when Sushmita Sen comes in front of the audience, Aarya talks about how when the men are not left in the house, only women have to come to the field and take over the business. This dialogue is the soul of the web series, in which Aarya, the mother of 3 children, loses her husband in the drug business, which she hopes to try to grab all the business, finally holding the arm of fear and courage. She has to handle business and then how does she take on competitors in this business.

Aarya Web Series Trailer

Aarya Web Series Cast Performance

The casting of Aarya Web Series was considered fantastic from the beginning and now the acting of these actors can be sure that the casting director has done a lot of casting according to the story and selected such actors who fit the character very accurately. Whether it is Namit Das trying to seize Arya’s business, drug lord Manish Chaudhary or Sikander Kher as the wealth that gives Aarya the courage to fight the odds. Standing up to the expectations of the story and the audience, all Aarya’s characters look tremendous.

Aarya Web Series Review

You look for Aarya web series Sushmita Sen. Sushmita as Aarya is awesome and the rest of the cast is also worth watching. If you want to see some female-oriented story wrapped in glamor and style as well as thrill and crime, you will surely fall in love with the Aarya web series. Aarya seems to be rising episode by episode on Sushmita Sen’s shoulders.
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