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A Week Away 2021 Film Complete Info!


American Christian musical teen drama film “a week away” directed by Roman White. Writer’s name is ALAN POWELL. Film also introduces songs of Christian artists. The film has original artists singers who are singing songs, the film contains all about a troubled teen who when seeking once finds faith, friendship, and love and a place to belong at a one week Christian youth camp. A WEEK AWAY is not a true story or a love story it is just based on a genuine story.

So, I know many of you may be thinking to get the best information about the American film ‘a week away’:

 ‘A Week Away’ Review

A WEEK AWAY is an American faith based romantic and musical stream film directed and co-produced by ROMAN WHITE. The film is inviting Christian songs and is shot in NASHVILLE. PAUL BECKER and MELENA ROUNIS are framed as dance hookers called as choreographers.

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Secondly, This film is a pure family film which has its theme as musical drama show who has a troubled teen and who takes a leap of faith as he attended the summer Christian camp and where he accidentally finds what says, love trueness, faith, friendship and the place he wanted and he felt belongingness.

 ‘A Week Away’ Cast

NOTE: there is a myth for ‘a week away’ that is it a love based true story so, the answer is no it is not a love story it is based on a GENUINE STORY, it is featured with reality.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who Produced the Film?

A WEEK AWAY Netflix is being produced by Alan Powell, Gabe Vasquez, Steve Barnett.

Does a Week Away Has Original Songs?

The film has purely original songs in it. the film invites the certain Christian singers who are actually singing. They are prominent contemporary Christian artists

What Happens in ‘a Week Away’ ?

Avery and will had a very good together happy ending. Seeing Avery and will like this Sean now wants too to admit his apology in front of will. Sean fees sorry to will.

What Is the Age Rating of the Film?

A WEEK AWAY is a PG film which means under parents guidance it is suggested.

The very common question is that people had asked that the actors, they are really in  actual singing “a week away”?

This film has purely invited in all the Christian singers.

  A Week Away Trailer 2021 Film :-

“A week away” Main Summary

The film is framed in such a way that the camp, ‘A week away’ has his Owner David. The film has its theme which is all surrounded upon David words.

The musical teen ‘a week away’ which is about a juvenile delinquent who finds love, faith, strength, friendship during a youth Christian camp. There is a review which everyone has and for this film it is just the people who are connected and who ever was involved with this project is just because of the motive that they had inner respect or either devoted and believe in love faith and a true friendship.


A man with guitar, looks like Zac departing police officer on foot. Will has certain charges on him due to which he was arrested by police and with a body harm, he had some criminal charges on him and because of this will was given a youth Christian camp for almost one week stint. It was a summer youth Christian camp for the ones in lieu of criminal or some kind of charges. Basically, film is trying to immunize itself against racial cluelessness charges.

NOTE: the most mysterious part for the listeners of “a week away” was, it was started in the middle only and that was that in the end of the film will all be ending good like, do will and Avery will have a happy together ending:

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‘A Week Away’ End

Moreover, At the camp, there is one teen Sean who gets to know the past of the will and tries to understand that and decides to accept it after knowing that is has a lot of crime events and scenes which has took place in past of will. Sean being fixed with personality told each and everything to Avery about will, now Avery after listening to it wants to have a conversation with will about all this so Avery wanted to talk to will, will already left because of the fear of things which happen and will was not liking it.

Somehow Avery finds will, will had no idea that the Avery had a very different point of view about his past, not everybody is same and will think in the same way and says will that she after knowing also all this has no stress of things and do not care for what happen in past and what is the reason behind, but eventually then also Avery could not able to stop will, she tried all ways but she was unable to, after sometime will has returned and wants to admit the false things he put forth of Avery, the frame now has both Avery and will with their own points in head but still Avery kisses will .


In conclusion, Avery and will had a very good together happy ending. Seeing Avery and will like this Sean now wants too to admit his apology in front of will. Sean fees sorry to will.

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