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A spokesperson for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs said on Friday

A spokesperson for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs said on Friday that in the latest COVID19 resilience rankings released by Bloomberg, Norway ranked first, the United States ranked fifth, and China ranked ninth. The change from black to white is nothing but a laughing stock. Press conference.
Bloomberg released its latest ranking on Wednesday, with the headline “Best and worst places when reopening, changes collide.” According to Bloomberg News, Norway has replaced the United States as the new number one with “sufficient injections”, “low new deaths and open borders”.
“A few days ago, Bloomberg put the United States at the top of its COVID19 resilience rankings. I said that people around the world might use it as a joke in coffee break conversations. Today, the number of infections and the number of people who die is the most. On the one hand, the United States ranks fifth in the recent Bloomberg rankings. What is the reason? Did Bloomberg misspelled the ratings? Zhao said.
Zhao said that the latest Bloomberg ranking is based on “COVID control, quality of health care, vaccination coverage, overall mortality, and progress in resuming travel and easing restrictions. border lines as of last month. “But given its performance in containing COVID19 and overall mortality, the United States shouldn’t be in the top five.
However, Bloomberg said that compared to the previous peak of infections, the number of deaths in the United States and its social status and business activities have decreased. It has been restored. Therefore, it is properly ranked in the top five.
“Elementary students can see contradictions in logic. His ability to go black and white and fix lies is amazing. We don’t need to waste any more time on rankings. Talk and laugh after drinking tea, “Zhao said.
Earlier, Bloomberg ranked the United States as” the best and worst place when the world finally reopened “at the top of the COVID19 resilience ranking, while China ranked eighth. Worldometers ranked
. According to information data, as of Friday, the United States had 35.5 million cases of COVID19 and more than 628,000 deaths, making it the country with the highest number of deaths in the world.
Zeng Guang, former chief epidemiologist at the Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention, told the Global Times: “The intent of the ranking is obvious. It serves political interests.”
The United Nations cultural agency UNESCO added Wales’ slate mining landscape to its World Heritage List on Wednesday, making it the 32nd location in the UK to receive this status.
At the 44th session of the World Heritage Committee held remotely, the slate landscape of North West Wales in the county of Gwynedd was listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. 4444 This designation came a week after the World Heritage Agency deprived Liverpool of its waterfront honor, frustrating local and national politicians.
Wales Chief Minister Mark Drakeford (Mark Drakeford) said: “Slate mining and quarrying leaves a unique heritage that the community is proud of.”

“This recognition will help preserve for future generations. The heritage and history of these communities, and help them to be reborn in the future.”
British Heritage Minister Caroline Dinenage called this decision “a great achievement” and he hoped it would create economic opportunities in most rural areas.
UNESCO’s heritage list includes more than 1,100 sites that must meet at least one of its 10 criteria and exhibit “outstanding universal value” to be included.
Other heritage sites include the Taj Mahal in India, the Grand Canyon National Park in the United States and the Machu Picchu landscape in Peru.
Gwynedd’s slate mining industry left quarries, steam railways, industrial buildings, and water supply systems in the mountains where Snowdonia National Park is located.
The Welsh Slate Landscape is the fourth Welsh site to be recognized by UNESCO, in addition to the Blaenavon Industrial Landscape in South Wales, the Poncesilt Aqueduct and the four 13th century castles and two city walls in Gwynedd . The
slate quarry has been in the area for more than 1800 years, and its materials are used for the roofs of public buildings, houses and factories.

Northwest Wales became a global center for slate production in the 19th century. At the height of the industry, Wales supplied about a third of the world’s roofing slate. Wales
slate was used to construct many iconic buildings, such as Westminster Hall in the Parliament building in London, Copenhagen City Hall in Denmark, and the Royal Exhibition Hall in Melbourne.
UNESCO also awarded the city of Bath, England, the double listing, which is now one of 12 European spa towns designated by the United Nations agency.
An influential group of scientists said Wednesday that the global economy’s routine practice to respond to climate change has worsened the planet’s “vital signs” to record levels.
They warned that several climate tipping points are now imminent. The
researchers, one of more than 14,000 scientists who joined an initiative to declare a global climate emergency, stated that the government has been unable to address the root cause of climate change: “the overexploitation of the earth.”

From similar assessments in 2019, they noted an “unprecedented increase” in weather-related disasters, including floods in South America and Southeast Asia, heat waves and record-breaking wildfires in Australia and the United States, and devastating hurricanes in Africa. 4,444 Among the 31 “vital signs”, including key indicators of planetary health such as greenhouse gas emissions, glacier thickness, ocean area, and deforestation, they found that 18 reached record highs or lows.
For example, despite the decline in pollution associated with the pandemic, the levels of carbon dioxide and methane in the atmosphere reached record highs in 2021.
Greenland and Antarctica have low ice levels recently, and glaciers are melting 31% faster than they thought. The author says it did this 15 years ago.
Ocean heat and global sea levels have both set new records since 2019. The annual loss rate of the Brazilian Amazon River Basin in 2020 has set a new 12-year high.
echoes previous research, saying that forest degradation related to fires, droughts and logging has caused parts of the Brazilian Amazon to now become a source of carbon instead of absorbing gas from the atmosphere. They say that cattle are now at a record level, with more than 4 billion in number, and their quality surpasses all humans and wild land mammals combined. The 4,444 researchers stated that “mounting evidence shows that we are approaching or have already crossed” some climate tipping points.
“In light of these shocking developments, we need short, frequent and easily accessible updates on weather emergencies,” said the study, published in the journal Biological Science.


If the agreement is passed by Congress and signed into law, it will inject historical levels of federal funds to repair roads, bridges and waterways in the United States, ensure broadband Internet access for all Americans, and expand clean energy plans. The
bipartisan measure was passed in 6732, and 17 Republicans and 50 Democrats formally began debating the bill.
The plan is part of Biden’s broad national agenda and includes approximately $550 billion in new expenditures. Although the turbulent negotiations were nearly broken, Biden and his Democrats hoped to end the negotiations before Congress broke the August recess, but he still joined.
The language of the legislation has not yet been written, but since the bill itself is just a shell, the Senate can move it forward before voting on the final text.
This situation caused Republicans to hesitate at the beginning of the debate last week, with some even warning that this could thwart the plan.
“Before the bill is written, we have the opportunity to review it, including all the details, fees, payments … I will not support it,” Senator John Corning said in the Senate.
“I think most of my Republican colleagues will feel the same way.”
The White House stated in a statement that the agreement will create millions of good jobs and make the US economy

Biden called it “the most important long-term investment in our infrastructure and competitiveness in almost a century.” He said: “This agreement sends a signal to the world that our democracy can function, achieve and do great things,” he added, adding that the plan has the potential to “change America and push us into the future.”
The transaction will represent the largest federal investment ever made in public transportation, drinking water and wastewater infrastructure; the largest financing of passenger trains since the establishment of Amtrak; and the largest investment in bridges since the creation of the national highway system.

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