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A Newbie’s guide to Video Content for Business

Brands of all types and sizes need video marketing to survive and thrive in this age. Video is a vital part of a lucrative content marketing strategy. According to Wyzowl, 63% of businesses employ video marketing. 82% of these businesses regard video marketing to be an integral cog of their marketing machine. The fact is video yields a high Return-on-Investment (ROI). Here’s why you need to take up video marketing:

You can build trust easily

Want to boost your leads and conversions in the long run? You need to make sure your target audience trusts you. Given the kind of competition you have online, standing out is imperative to generate revenue. When your audience has an abundance of options to choose from, you need to make them trust you and see you as a credible option. Videos can help you with that. HubSpot video can get you started.

How do you portray yourself as a reliable brand? Create valuable content. Promoting your brand is necessary, but not nearly as vital as educating your audience and making them feel connected to your brand. The more of your audience you help, the more leads and conversions you get.

Increasing social shares is a breeze

Increasing your social shares is vital because your target audience is on social media. Social media users post the content they like all day long, which means you need to find out how many people are sharing your content.

Content that inspires emotion or creates value, or both, goes viral on social media. Ideally, your content should have both these qualities. You need to try different types of videos, depending on your goals and the audience you are catering to. You may post one-minute long videos on Instagram and longer ones on YouTube.

Your Facebook videos can be short and long, depending on the purpose. Focus on creating content that inspires people to watch and share, and you should see your social shares go up in no time.

Videos are easier to consume and retain than other forms of content

Making an impact in this day and age with a sharp decline in peoples’ attention span is challenging. Videos help you do this better than anything else. While you could create compelling blog posts and images, you are better off focusing on well-made videos that grab the viewer’s attention. This is especially true if you want to address challenging topics because video content is easy to retain.

Videos help your Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

If you want to drive traffic, you need to take care of your SEO game. Since videos tend to gain a lot more traction than other content types, you are likely to rank higher on the Search Engine Results Page (SERP) if your page has a video.

Appeal to Mobile Users

If people discover your brand, chances are it was on their phone. Since most people consume content on their phones, you need to create and optimize your content for mobile users. Want to appeal to them? Create videos. People spend several hours a day on social media, watching videos. If you want to further your brand, uploading videos is the solution. Examples are Instagram videos, IGTV, YouTube videos, etc.

Video trends you need to know about

You have probably recognized the value of a video marketing strategy by now. Consider looking up HubSpot video marketing. Here are a few trends you need to be aware of:

YouTube marketing is essential

Since YouTube hosts billions of videos and users, it is the platform for video content. If you are creating videos, you will have to set up your channel and optimize it for YouTube to get the mileage you want. YouTube allows you to monetize your content. It also allows you to be a partner if you meet their stipulated criteria. If you want traffic and leads from your videos, work on your YouTube marketing.

Do not underestimate storytelling

There are heaps of videos out there that contain only instructions, figures, and facts, that do not inspire you to stick around or share. If you want to make waves and stand out, create compelling videos that people want to watch till the end. In other words, your storytelling needs to be spectacular and unique. You need to take your viewer on a rollercoaster of emotions. Pair this with valuable information that can benefit the viewer, and you should see your viewership go up in due time.

Engage your audience regularly

While creating and producing valuable content like tutorials, vlogs, testimonials, webinars, etc. is vital, you need to engage your audience every once in a while. Letting your audience know you care about them is just as important as creating valuable content. Engaging with your followers allows you to improve your existing content and get new ideas for future posts. Consider going live once a week to answer questions.

Using videos for customer support

You can record videos to answer the most frequently asked questions. Doing so will help you save a lot of time and reach a wider audience at the same time. You could also record short videos to answer specific questions that you want to answer.

Use music in your videos

Using background music in your videos can further engage the viewer. It’s important to choose music that matches the genre of your video. A great place to source royalty free music for business videos is Artlist. You can also use this Artlist discount code to get 2 months free.

If you are a brand and new to video marketing, this article should help you get started. Make sure you solidify your video marketing strategy to get more traffic, leads, and conversions.

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