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6 million people die prematurely every year due to air pollution

Air pollution is one of the most important environmental threats to human health. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), 6 million people worldwide die prematurely each year from air pollution alone. To address this problem, the company has further strengthened the Air Quality Guidelines (AQGS) to improve air quality around the world. Khabar Al-Jazeera.

Releasing the new AQGS, the global agency said on Wednesday that urgent steps must be taken to prevent severe air pollution. Because every indicator of air quality around the world is down. It is adversely affecting public health. Has created more health risks than unhealthy foods and smoking.

The WHO believes the new air quality guidelines will protect millions of people from the harmful effects of air pollution. At the same time, it will help governments set humanitarian legal limits to fight air pollution. Will reduce health risks. It will save the lives of millions of people.

AQGS was last published by WHO in 2005. The agency says data collected for 18 years since 2005 suggests that effective action is needed to prevent air pollution. It is not limited to any particular country or region, but to the whole world.

The new AQGS recommends improving air quality from six types of pollutants, including nitrogen dioxide, sulfur dioxide and carbon monoxide. The COP-27 Global Conference on Climate Change will be held in Glasgow, Scotland next October. Earlier, the WHO issued a new guideline on air pollution.

According to the agency, climate change as well as air pollution has emerged as one of the most important environmental threats to public health around the world. “Air pollution is a threat to public health in all countries,” said Tedros Adhanam Gebreasus, head of the WHO. However, it has created extreme risks in low- and middle-income countries.

Flavia Boostre, assistant director of the World Health Organization’s Department of Family, Women and Child Health, also said that poor women and children who spend most of their time cooking on coal stoves are victims of indoor air pollution. They are also examining whether the dust, diesel or coal burning smoke from the Sahara Desert is more harmful.

Majid Ejati, head of the global environmental health department at Imperial College London, says changing lifestyles is the only way to prevent air pollution.

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Air pollution in China

A report on air pollution in China was released on Tuesday According to the report, air pollution has caused premature infant mortality and health risks in China Due to this, the expenditure in one year is 300 billion US dollars

The report was jointly published by the World Bank and the State Council’s Development Research Center in the Chinese cabinet. They say that while China is considering new initiatives in the field of urbanization, air pollution is on the rise due to urbanization.According to Chinese Health Minister Chen Zho, a 14-month study found that air pollution killed 500,000 babies in their mother’s womb a year before they were born in China.

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