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50 Cent Curtis Jackson Has a Content Agreement With Lusid Media and Launches the Unscripted Peacock Series.

According to an exclusive report obtained by Variety, Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson and his G-Unit Film & Television company have established a collaboration with Lusid Media for the production of three separate projects.

Under the terms of the agreement, the companies have already established the first project. It is understood that it will be an unscripted real crime series at Peacock that will make its debut in 2023, but the specifics are being kept under wraps for the time being. Under the terms of the arrangement, Jackson will serve as executive producer of the series and will collaborate with Lusid to develop two further projects.

Jackson added, “I am excited by the sort of tales we’re going to be bringing to life together, and can’t wait for the first project to reach Peacock next year.” “I am excited by the kind of stories we’re going to be bringing to life together.” “G-Unit Film & Television is going from strength to strength, and this cooperation with Lusid is another wonderful collaboration for the team,” said G-Unit Film & Television.

After his overall contract with Starz came to an end earlier this year, Jackson’s first publicly publicised steps in the television industry were the Peacock series and a relationship with Lusid. On one of his social media platforms, Jackson had previously written, “This is my mood right now! We accomplished what we set out to do, and the STARZ agreement was a complete and total success. I’m out.

50 Cent Curtis Jackson Has a Content Agreement With Lusid Media and Launches the Unscripted Peacock Series.

I’ll let you know in a little while where we are going to be going.” In 2018, Jackson inked the contract with the premium cabler, and Variety said that the arrangement was valued roughly $150 million at the time.

According to the president of Lusid Media, Zak Weisfeld, “50 Cent is a storytelling phenomenon, and we are delighted by the mix of our track record in the unscripted entertainment arena, and the dynamic of 50 and the G Unit team.” “Because everyone of us brings our own distinct energy and perspective to the table, our collaborative efforts produce truly remarkable results.”

In addition to his role as Kanan Stark on the mothership show, Jackson and G-Unit Film & TV are probably most known for their production of the “Power” franchise on Starz, which has garnered widespread critical praise.

To this day, in addition to the primary programme, there have been a total of three spin-offs presented on Starz. Jackson and G-Unit also serve as executive producers on the Starz series “BMF,” which is scheduled to premiere its second season in January 2023. Hip Hop Homicides, an unscripted series produced by the firm, is scheduled to premiere on WeTV in November of this year. In the feature film industry, G-Unit has an agreement with Eli Roth and 3BlackDot to produce three horror films.

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