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5 Affordable Yet Effective Mobile Marketing Strategies for Small Businesses in 2022

In a recent article, MarTech Series revealed that most consumers use mobile devices to make organic searches, open email campaigns, and view media content. Given this preferred engagement of three crucial marketing channels via mobile, it is important for businesses to target their consumers and launch strategies through mobile platforms.

To start with, here are some affordable yet effective mobile marketing tips:

Upgrade Your Loyalty Programs

Loyalty programs need to be included in your mobile marketing plan, since attracting new customers is six to seven times more expensive than retaining an existing one. Even if your customers love your products and services, you have to maintain their support by providing them with innovative offers.

Brand loyalty expert Bond shares that 95% of loyalty program members want to experience new technologies from their favorite brands. These technologies might for instance include mobile or contactless shopping experiences wherein QR codes or location-based alerts can be leveraged so that loyal customers can be informed about deals. This kind of practice not only increases convenience for your customers, but also keeps your brand at the forefront of their minds.

Publish Advertisements On Social Media

Social media platforms are essential mobile marketing tools due to their wide user bases. These apps also enable businesses to market their products in creative ways, making it easier to attract numerous potential consumers.

For budget-friendly strategies, AskMoney contains numerous solutions for new businesses venturing into social media. Its advertising guide for Twitter, for example, reveals that you can save costs by bidding for ad spaces and target audiences. This allows you to stick to your budget and connect with relevant consumers at the same time.

Create Interesting Videos About Your Product

Video content creation has become a popular mobile marketing strategy, since it helps consumers to see how your products and services work. Our article on Instagram Reels outlines the importance of short-form video content for today’s mobile users.

Making use of short video content increases your social shares and builds consumer trust. Small businesses can opt to create their own videos to save costs, but remember to showcase your product through an engaging storyline. Keep your audience entertained so that they’ll be interested in seeing what you have to offer.

Optimize your Content for Voice Search

While you’re developing your video marketing content, make sure to create a script that can be optimized for video search. Business2Community shared that 62% of smart speaker owners use the voice search function to find products that they can purchase. Through this function, they are able to find accurate product suggestions at a faster rate.

To stand out from competition, optimize your content with keywords that are relevant to your target audience’s needs. Think about their goals and pain points, and maximize the use of relevant terms that they’re likely to use when seeking solutions.

Engage with your Audience Online

While you’re online, take the time to engage with your potential consumers. This provides you with an opportunity to address any questions regarding your products or services. Even your replies can illustrate your dedication and care for your customers’ experiences.

Expanding on that point, it’s important to take the time to reply to customers’ reviews about your products and services. You can also reply to their comments on your social media content to boost engagement on your pages. Though it may be time-consuming, this is an effective way of showing your gratitude and dedication to them.

Mobile Matters

Most potential consumers are on mobile platforms, and small businesses looking for success will need to build up their presences in these areas. While the above strategies are generally simple and affordable, they’ve also been proven to be effective in capturing customers’ imagination and boosting interest.

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