There are many reasons people might want to find a person’s contact. In businesses, it is important to find out who a potential customer or partner is to avoid certain problems. Finding contacts can also boost sales through communication with your customers. The following are ways to find a person’s contact for free.

  1. Find That Lead

FindThatLead is a tool that offers features such as lead search,  sales prospecting, and email verification. This tool also offers a Google Chrome extension to work alongside the web browser and find email addresses on any website or LinkedIn profile. It also allows a social search to help find email addresses that are associated with any social media profile.

  1. io

Apollo.io helps sales personnel to find potential customers across the world. You can streamline your search by applying filters such as industry, designation, and employee size.  This tool searches various social media platforms for people who fit the description. Once these people are shortlisted, the tool verifies their email addresses and allows you to send a templated email to them. It has a global database of 200 million contacts and 10 million businesses. It also has a third-party app, such as CRM tools )customer relationship management), such as Gmail, and social media platforms such as LinkedIn.

  1. Get Prospect

GetProspect helps you to find a list of contacts with names, email addresses, LinkedIn profiles, etc. Just select your search criteria, such as the industry, the country they’re located in, and the position of an employee at the company. This helps you to find the specific people you should be contacting in a company, thus saving time and resources.

  1. Email Finders

Email Finders is a tool that allows you to get in touch with prospective companies, customers, or partners. It helps you to find the exact email address of the person you need to contact so that you can send your message directly to him or her.

  1. Visalia

Visalia is another email verification tool that helps you to identify invalid emails and email addresses. This tool alerts you about risky emails, such as spam traps or disposable email addresses. It also lets you know if the server is a catch-all server.

  1. Visitor Tracking

Visitor Tracking allows you to keep track of visitors who visit your page. You can see what they are up to, see what works best and what needs amendment. It also allows you to reach out to customers with the right offer at the right time. This will make a huge difference in the number of sales you record through your site.

  1. Albacross

Albacross offers features that allow you to keep track of visitors and customers who visit your site. It also offers unlimited users slots, making it ideal for teams. It also provides automated email reports alongside employee information and the contact details of visitors who visit your page.

  1. LinkedIn

LinkedIn is one of the most useful tools for finding any contact you are looking for especially when it involves business or sales. It is a search tool that allows you to filter out unwanted information when you click on the advanced search option so that you can only get what you are looking for. For best results, you can use keywords such as company name, job title, contact location, etc.

  1. com

Data.com is a contact management database. Data.com can provide you with the direct phone number and email address of the person you are looking for. This allows you to find the contact of potential customers who can help increase your sales. However, you will need to have the 5 credits to “purchase” information on Data.com.

  1. Radaris

Radaris is a tool that you can use to find contacts and addresses. This tool helps you find people 100% free in the United States. A very user friend platform, you can easily use the search directory for your needs. Radaris offers you details on a person’s phone number, address, etc. Radaris has a complete database containing people’s records and It is your one-stop tool for finding information about others.

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